Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy Cow

I have posted more in August than I did in all of 2009. My fingers are on fire.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rush smush

Just busted out of a rush tourney.

Here are the two hands that did it. I got it in good as %80 or better and lost of course. Howard Lederer grrrrrr.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hand Answer

Here is what I did.

I had just over T2000 left. I was gonna push on the small blind, but when the high jack pushed all in I stopped. It was kind of funny, because when the flop came out, I muttered to myself, "I'm goin broke this hand". I used my time thinking of what to do. The first bet did not concern me near as much as the push all in. The high jack could easily have KQ or JT. It felt like a straight to me, so I folded. The small blind called and they flipped over....QJ for the small blind and AQ for the high jack. Damnit!!!! The turn and river were blanks and I would have nearly tripled up.

This is the paradox of poker. You make right decision and fold and it feels so wrong. Then you make the wrong decision and call and are rewarded with a suck out and it feels so right. It is so hard not to be result oriented.

I made the correct decision here. I just ran into the one time where I am ahead. What are the odds that the other two queens are out there for the oesd. I never even considered that possibility. One opponent, sure. Two, never.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Hand Question

Playing on Full Tilt. $3 KO Tournament. In the first hour you get QQ in the cut off. It folds to the high jack who calls the big blind. You make a pot sized raise. The small blind and the high come along to the flop. The flop comes JT9os. The small blind bets the pot. The high jack pushes all in for twice the pot. You have them covered but barely.

What do you do?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Played poker up at Harrahs Tuesday. Not much to say. Booked a small win $58. Played some craps while Slick played the tourney. Turned $60 into $180. Then two guys showed up and started playing the no pass line hard. Snickering when a ten or four was rolled for the point. The table mojo changed instantly and wiped me almost entirely out. I had only $20 left when it got to the last lady that had not rolled since they showed up. I played the pass, and the fire bet, again and she rolled a few sevens and an eleven. I had a little breathing room. I had waited for her to roll. She had hit three points twice and was responsible for my now blown winnings. Well she turned out to be too much for the bad juju duo. She rolled and rolled and rolled. She hit four points, which qualified for the fire bet. She hit the hard ways. I had put $1 on all of them and at one time had them all parleyed. She rolled the hard four back to back and my $1 initial bet yielded me a cool $111. She rolled a nine to mark her fifth point. I had all the numbers covered. It was awesome. The negative duo where hating life. She rolled and the first one came up a six and the the second one sat on 3 for a split second and then tumbled on over to the one. Ah sooooo close. The five point fire bet payed 200-1. Oh well, the 4 fire bet got me another $40. I cashed out for a $220 profit. I had started with only $20. Nice roll ma'am.

Cash game that night was ok. Grinding. Two big hands. A9s turns the nuts and I get doubled. KK I opened for the raise, seven times the big blind. I get two callers in the blinds. Flop comes 752 rainbow. The big blind bets 3/4 the pot. He is aggressive and he could have anywhere from air to a set. I put him on making a move at a non scary pot. He thinks I am playing AK or AQ. I raise enough to commit the other guy and scare off the big blind. The other guy calls quickly and the big blind thinks a bit then folds. The other dude turns up 75os for top two. Well played sir. The turn brings a 2 and I get the re-suck. Thing is, he is now kinda pissed. Whatever. That is the way it goes. Ran QQ into AA later, but ended up about $80 for the session. Not bad.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ripping of the Goat


ala Julius Goat

Look out for the Devil.

Friday, August 20, 2010

In order to be fair

Just thought I would be fair to Howard and Full Tilt here. As you can see I got it in bad pre flop and got lucky. So....Howard, I will ease up on the junk punch when I see you.

This was a little $3 KO tourney. We get down to less than 20 and I need a hand. I am in the big blind and I see AKs. Woot woot. UTG goes all in ahead of me. He is shorter than me and this happens.

Sorry Howard, back on.

This close

So this happened...

All in preflop. He instant called. WTF!!!!

All in knowing he is racing at best. Phenomenal poker.

I was oh so close to launching my laptop across the room. I had picked it up. I ended up just forcefully throwing it down on the couch.

I was playing a $6 token tourney. I got AA in my next big blind and I got five people to pay me off. I doubled up on the original 77 guy and never looked back.

Maybe, just maybe.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I do not even care anymore.

Played a $4 Rush sit n go on Full Tilt just now. I am just numb. Here is how I lost the first chunk of chips after chipping up early. I raised pre flop and bet nearly the pot on the flop. He flatted both times. I slowed down after the turn and paid off a small bet on the river. I am obviously playing poker wrong.

Here is where I busted out. I called the pre flop raise and re-raised all in on the flop. He snap called. Puke.

I played the Mookie last night. I had this nice hand.

That old wheel is gonna roll around once more. It's just so effing slow.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday crew day

Made the traditional field day trip to Harrahs. We like to play the $30 old man tournament game. We get there at 11:25. The tourney starts at 1:00 p.m. I go to buy a ticket and there is only one seat left. The three of us pass and decide to play cash. When we started going to the boat, the tournament was 60 peeps. Now it is down to 30. Just stupid. We have to leave four hours before the tourney time just to get a seat. They say it is because of a dealer shortage. Are we not in a recession. Coach up a black jack dearer and get them in there. How long does a potential dealer have to go to school before he or she can deal. It has been way too long. It just keeps getting whittled down. They say bye September it will be back up to 50. Yeah right. Harrahs room is going to shit. We literally had to wait 5 minutes to get our name on the list for 1/2 today. They were talking amongst themselves. Harrahs just does not care about the player all that much anymore.

On to 1/2. I sat down with $200. I got in some hands early with some big draws that did not get there and was down to $65 in about 15 minutes of play. I then limped with 35os from the button. Flop come 559. I bet smallish and get one caller. I coax $20 more out of him before he folds on the river. Next big hand is KK. There is a $11 raise and three callers ahead of me on the button. I raise to $30 and get called in two places. The board comes all low cards rainbow. They both check to me and I bet a little less than the pot. I get one caller. The board pairs on the turn and I push all in. If you have a six sir, the super well played. He thinks and then call. the river is a blank and he says nice hand and folds. I get AA a little later and open raise to $15. I get three callers on a KJ2 rainbow board. I bet 3/4 the pot and get one caller. The turn is a 8. I but $70 out. He tanks for a whole and moves all in for $12 more. I call. The river is a ten. He flips over KQ and I am in the black. I chip up some more and then get 88 utg. I limp and the flop is seen six ways. I comes out 789 rainbow. I check and it folds to the guy that I busted with kings earlier. He bets smallish and me and one other player see the turn. What a turn. It is a 9, pairing the board. I decide to bet it out $20. Representing the 9. The original raiser makes it $60. The tag a long goes away. I think for a minute and ask him how much he's got left. About $100. I announce all in. He calls quickly and tables T6 for the straight. I flip my full house and he is dead. I am up nearly $400 for the day. Slick and I play a few more orbits and get out of town. Ended up $360 for the day. Fun Fun. That guy hated me.

Ooops.... I did it again

Was fun. Had to get really lucky. 88 and KK flopped sets against AA to get big stack. Also lost with AA vs KK. The 88 hand was the only one where my tournament life was on the line. And MemphisMOJO, I will take you up on that offer.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nice little score

Gotta keep it going, keep it goin full speed...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Too much

I went to far. Many apologies to all of you. Bad MT. Bad.

Sorry for the outburst. It just gets so old. How can I lose every hand when I am a huge favorite?

No excuse.

Will do better.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am not even kidding. FUFT


This is how I roll. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. The dude was donking off his chips. I call the pf raise. He moves all in on the flop with fucking air. Of course it was not air. FT let him know somehow that I ALWAYS get drawn out on. ALWAYS.



Friday, August 13, 2010


I just do not learn.

FT got me to reload with their new Quick Pay method. They said they would give me $20 for $10. Have not seen a dime of that money. So I play a couple of $3 ko turbo tourneys. The first one I just wilted away until I had only T1000 left or so. I chip up to T3000. There is a small raise utg and I have AK. I ship it. The big blind calls and the original raiser calls. Original raiser was short. Less the an T800. He does not really matter. OR had 66. Button KQ. River is Q. Fuck you.

Wait a couple of hours and try again. This time I chip up and have a nice stack around T10,000. I am in the top ten with about 37 left. I pick up QQ on the button. One mp limper and then the chip leader bets 10k into a 800 pot. This just reeks of AK or under pair. I call as does the original limper. Limper has AJs. Button has AKos. Limper wins with runner runner flush. How does this keep happening? I mean really. I knew I was racing at worst. Fuck me. How does Full Tilt keep rewarding horrible play. AJ call off all chips against a huge raise and flat call. Yeah, gotta be good. It would be fine if my fucking hands would hold. Just fucking once.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

Full Tilt is a Cunt!!!!!

Mad Genius

Norman Chad on WSOP main event coverage from last Tuesday.

"They call him the Mad Genius, but I've never seen him win anything."

Made me laugh.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday Fun Day

Played at Harrah's Tuesday. It is what I do on Tuesday's. Me and Slick and JM and sometimes Pat or P money go and play the $30 daily with all the old geezers. So far one of us has finished in the money every time but one. JM even chopped the win two weeks in a row. Anyhoo, I hit the first break about average then donked off with AQos after a raise and reraise. Knew he was huge, but I was short after losing a race to 55 and I wanted to play cash or get big. He flips KK. First two cards on the flop are an ace and a queen. The third...a king. Dead to two outs. No good.

I bought into a 1/2 table for $200. I had won $130 on craps before the tournament, so I was almost free rolling. I win a few pots. 99 wins after raise and c-bet. Then Slick gets sat at my table. All my cards die. Just vanish. Can't get a thing. Just junk for two hours. I do get 55 once and raise it to $10. The flop comes AQ2 with two hearts. There are three of us. Slick, myself and the button. Slick and the button have been sparing a lot. Slick, first to act, bet out real quick half the pot. I fold and the button thinks a bit and calls. The turn is the ten of diamonds. Slick bet out a little more than half the pot. The button calls quickly. The river is a 4 of spade. Slick bets half the pot. The button thinks and thinks. He has to have a big ace. Finally he mucks. He asks Slick to tell him he has 22's. I say naw, he had the flush draw with a gut shot straight draw. Slick turns to me, the button cannot see his eyes, and his eyes are wide open. I totally nailed it. He told me later he had KJ of hearts. He wanted to know how I knew. I said I play with you weekly. It was pretty sweet. I did not know it when I made the fold, but as the hand progressed, and I worked it in my head, it became obvious. Like a light bulb in the dark.

I played for a while and donked off chips. Just trying to get in cheap and hit. Nothing. Even hands I did not play were missing. We decide to leave when the blinds get to us. I look down and 88 utg plus one. I call. Three more calls and the button raises it to $10. I call as do two others. The flop comes 7s 5s 4d. I have an over pair and the gutty. The table checks to the button who fires the pot. Something about the bet seemed fishy to me. I had $70 on top of the raise, so I nutted up and pushed. Slick folds, and the other dude tanks. He finally folds A7. The button instant calls. We do not show as the board comes 9s. Not a great card, but I did pick up the straight flush draw. River is the 9d. Did not mean much on the whole. I flip over since I was called. He tilts his cards up and looks at them and looks at mine. I am either good or about to get horrible slow rolled. Finally he flashes a 6 for the OESD and mucks. It put me up about $80 for the session. I thought he probably had 66 or maybe A6. Slick thought he had 67. Hmmm. I played my last hand and split. Nice to go from over a hundred down to up just like that. (I had min reloaded along the way)

At home, my AC is out. It is 87 inside and 75 outside. Having a hard time cooling the house down. Sucks. 102 tomorrow. New AC on Friday. Gonna put that baby all the way down to 69. Figure I have 3 days of electricity to spend. Gonna be sweet.

Got Drawn out On

It did not hold. The AC died yesterday. Have to wait till Friday to get it replaced. Excessive heat warning until Friday night. The wife just left on a business trip for two days. Lucky her. The kids and I are sweltering.

Just lost a big hand with AA.

Monday, August 9, 2010


It is hot here in the heartland. It was over 100 today. The forecast says more of the same for the coming week. I can handle the heat. My compressor cannot. I am listening to music, playing a poker tournament and listening to my AC unit die. Or more to the point, the fan. It whines and squeaks. I called a guy who drives a truck that advertises his prowess around such units. He came. He inspected. The unit ran perfectly for him. He did say that it was old. So a fix means replacing all the lines, condenser unit, and compressor. Just $2500. Walking around money really. Right? Calling tomorrow. Getting it swapped. The old beast is LOUD. I want that whisper one. You know, the one that barely makes a sound and is super efficient. That one. I could replace that fan on the old one, but that would be wasting money.

The AC is AA and it's all in against 78s. Two to that suit flop with an OESD. Just hold baby. HOLD!!!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

One mo ginn

So this is how it feels to run goot!!!!


Really fun.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All right I get it Full Tilt, you do not want me!!! (I'm gonna junk punch Howard Lederrer!!!)

Playing steps on Full Tilt recently. I took last in the money on one and instead of getting another step, I got $2. I decided to play Rush and see if I could run it up a bit. I played one session and nearly doubled it. I just finished my second session and I am bust. I had A9 < A4, TT < 88 he flopped set on an eight high board, and AJ < A9. Each time the ace hit the flop and each time the villain flopped two pair. I get it FT. I am out. Gonna junk punch Howard Lederer

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Go Read This

For Jessica


Played the $30 suber turbo with super nits at Harrahs yesterday. I saw one premium hand, AA. It was down near to the final table bubble. I raise it 2 1/2 the blinds from middle position. Folds around to big blind who had just one eighth of the big blind. He had been wiped out the hand before. He flips over 26os and it straights out. He won his small blind hand. He won another hand. It looked like chip and a chair was happening in front of us. Alas it was not to be. I sucked out on him to take him out in his next big blind.

Anyway, I ground it out. Stealing when they were weak. Making good folds. When we got to seven, one guy asked if we were going to pay the bubble. The money winners would each kick in $6 to the bubble boy. Everyone agreed accept for early 20's douche bag. He wore reflective sunglasses and took forever to make a decision. Obviously a poker genius. He said he liked it the way it was. I truly believe that he thought he was better than all of us. He did not have a big stack and he was not bullying us at all. Next hand he gets into it with the monster chip leader and doubles up. We ask him now if it was ok to pay the bubble. Same response. He is now the biggest stack at the table. We play and he starts bullying. Non of us have anything to play back at him with. My buddy was on the table with me directly on my right. He had chipped up and was close to the douches stack. The big D pushes when folded to him on the button. He had been doing this a lot. My buddy tanks. And tanks. I am watching the big D and he cannot control his breathing. He is almost hyperventilating. His arms are crossed and they are quivering. He is facing away from my buddy, trying to look like he does not care, but I can see his eyes over his glasses and he is staring my buddy down. My buddy finally calls and tables 55. Big D tables K6 of hearts. The flop brings KQJ. Turn the T. Alright split here we come. River the lovely five. The big D is crippled and goes out the next hand on the bubble. I hope he learned here. At the end of these tournaments it becomes true gambling. There really is no more poker to be played. Everyone is a shorty. At the very best it is two hands and you are out. Even if you are the big stack. That $30 is better than making it all that way for zero.

I took 4th for a little over $100. Gave it all back on video poker. Fun.

On our starting table, I ran into a player I had not seen for a long time. I guess you call him loose passive. He was hitting all kids of cards in the early rounds. QQ, AK, flopped trips, flopped two sets. He got almost zero value. Second had of tourney. Utg raises 3x the blind. LP guy calls and does the button and big blind. Flop comes A26 rainbow. Utg c bets, LP calls and everyone else folds. Turn is 9 last suit. Utg shuts down and LP checks. River is a 2, pairing the board. Utg checks again and LP checks with AK. Two hands later, LP sees a checked flop from the big blind. Flop 44T. He bets out and gets called in one spot. Turn he checks and the caller checks. River, Check Check. Board 44TA7. He had 43 and never bet again. He gets QQ and I call his raise with 34s. Flop comes K35 turn 6 river T. We checked it down. He never bet again. I almost got there. By this time I realized that he is gonna call me if I bet light, so I better have the goods.. I have never seen a guy more afraid of monsters than this dude. We get moved to another table along with my buddy. Third hand at the table, LP raises utg three times the blind. My buddy shoves for 4 times the raise with JJ. Another young poker "pro" at the other end of the table tanks. He wants chip counts. He has the ipod earbuds in. He is serious. Finally he shoves over the top. LP guy instant calls. I am thinking oh shit my buddy is royally screwed. I mean this guy has to have AA, right?. Nope. LP guy tables 33. The other guy, 99. Really? Raise and re-raise and you shove with 99. And you call with 33. I guess the "pro" could have seen it as a chance to get chips. If he wins here he can breeze to the final table. He still had some left behind. But the LP call is horrid. Won't bet flopped trips on a great board to get paid, but 33 is the nuts against two raisers.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Been a while

Took down a tourney just now. Felt good. Almost forgot what it felt like. I ran great and hit some big hands when I needed them. I hit the final table as nearly a two to one chip leader. It got down to three handed and I lost a race that dropped me to third. I then won a race. A few hands later, I took out the third place finisher. Heads up lasted ten hands or so. I call a three times raise with 64h. Flop comes A75 with two clubs. Other guy raises 2/3 pot. I flat and the wonderful 3 hits the turn. I check and the guy commits himself so I push in and he is drawing dead with A8 no clubs. Oh and I probably had 7 bounties for $70. I would kill for $70 on Full Tilt.

Anyway, the shot is here.

Now, to get the money off there.