Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Down Time

I am taking some time off from this game. I went to Las Vegas at the end of September. Landed, checked in and went over to the Bellagio. One of the regular, tighter, guys in KC told me it was really easy to win money there. He played three days straight 1/2 and had cashed for a grand each day.

He was right. I ended up $1100 for the session. Went back to Planet Hollywood. Played for a bit and won another $150. Great start to trip

Woke up. Went and played a small tourney at Planet Hollywood. Ended up chopping 4 ways on a $1500.00 prize pool. Up over $1500 for the trip. Not even in town for 24 hours.

Then the wheels started to come off. Kept losing at the poker tables. Decided to play the Friday Winn $200 tourney

Sat down. Figured the lay of the land and played well. Six fifty year oldish men had just flown in for the weekend. One got seated at my table. He was nice enough. They were all nice. Well dressed. Successful looking gentlemen. They started ordering champagne. They were buying it for anybody in the room who wanted it. They had to of purchased fifteen bottles if they got one. The booze started to take effect. The nice gentleman to my left morphed into a lagtard of a poker player. He was raising every hand. No matter what. So I sat and waited. I finally get QQ. I limp. He makes his raise. Three others come along. Enough money for me so I push. He instant calls and we are heads up. His 33 flops a set and I rebuy.

I get moved to another table. I hit some cards and get back up. I have AKos Blinds are 300/600. I tighter gentleman makes it 2000. I decide to play it slower and flat. The guy two to my left throws in two chips. But whoops, the top one was a 5K chip. He obviously did not mean to do that. Another guy looks at him dubiously and flats. It is back to the original raiser. I am going to have a decision here. He has to raise, probably all in, and I need to read him and see if I want to gamble. So I stare at him. He thinks for a moment and then ....just calls. What? Original raiser? Obvious mistake by 5K guy. I did not read it at all as an angle. So it is on me. I do what I think is my only move. I go all in for around 30K more. At worst I think I am flipping. 5K guy instant folds. The dubious guy folds while bitching at the 5K guy. The original raiser......folds. The dealer pushes me the pot and says "nice hand".

I chip up. A guy to my right is the chip leader of our table over 100K. I have a little over 60K. He is on the button. He and one other limp I get QQ in the big blind. I make it 3x the blind. He is the only caller. Board comes small with two hearts. I bet 10k, happy to take it down. He calls, pretty quickly. The turn is an over, but a blank really, I have him on a draw. I am not going anywhere. I decide to check. He had been aggressive with position and checks to him all day. He does not disappoint. He fires a pot size bet. I hem and haw, then move in. He thinks. Openly counts his outs. He folds. I am now the chip leader.

I chip up to 134k. I have over ten percent of the chips with 25 runners left. I make a bad read with 33 and lose a bit. Down to 110K. Chip down When we get to the final two tables I am still in good shape. Around 80k. One of the chip leaders. Last hand before break I look down at AA on the button. Guy in early has about 40k left. He makes it 5k to go. Blinds are 1/2k. Couple of callers. I move in, happy to take the pot. Original raiser pushes. Others go away. Flop has a nine. I cant catch up. Go to break with around 38K. Pissed.

Get back. Fold my small blind. Get AJos in the big blind. Only one guy limps from middle position. Folded to me. I push. The guy left is the only one of the champagne guys. He has no poker experience. He says "Lets see how well I am running" and calls. He flips over Q6os for a third his stack. I fade all the cards but the river when he hits a queen. Ridiculous. None the champagne guys cared about the money. They were just fucking around. First place was 5K
Not a real poker player left. I should have cashed. QQ down to 33 AA down to 99 and AJ down to Q6 . Blah

Since then I have lost around $2800.00 Part of it my fault, but a lot of running bad as well. And people playing horrible against me and winning.

My last day at Hollywood in KC. 1/3 NL

I get 62os in the big blind. Get a pass. See a flop five ways. $15 pot. The flop is 6h2h5d. I bet out my two pair. Pot sized. One caller. Turn is the 8d. I read him on the flush draw. I make is $25. He calls. River is the Kd. I slow down and check. He makes it $40. I make the crying call and he turns over.......Td7d. You tell me what he is call that flop for? That is how I go. Few hands later. Get 88 utg. Limp. I have $130 left. See a flop of 87Jos. I check. Three others check. The button bets 3/4 the pot. I raise to $35. One of the other checkers moves in. Folds to me. What do I do here? I am pretty sure he has the straight. But I only have around $90 left. I make the call. He has the straight. I do not catch. This is not a bad beat. I am just running bad. Even when I flop a set I lose. My whole losing streak has been like that.

So I have not been back. That was October 15th. Not sure when I will go back.