Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The MATH of Ribs

Played the hoy last night. I was playing super tight and not really feeling it. I lost a lot of my stack when I had J8 os on a T98os board. Ep guy makes a smallish raise. I call with my draw and bottom pair. At this point I said to myself, he is playing this like he has KQ. Turn comes a dooming 7 and I bet out. He smooth calls. I suppress the warning bells in my head. He only has 2 pair, right? K comes on river. What can I beat? Not much. He bets out 3/4 the pot and I think for far too little time and pay him off. I am a big ass donkey. Need to trust my gut and fix a leak.

I play with a short stack but have time to maneuver. Fold, fold and more folding. Hover around 1k and finally get to where the blinds start to hurt. I decide to push with Q2 in sb when folded to me. He insta calls. Knew I was dead. This guy was playing tighter than me. I figured my steal would be good. He flips up AJos and board comes J2J2Q. My full house blows and ighn.

Had some family over on Sunday. Neighbors came too. We had a mixed grill of ribs, chicken, mushrooms, onions and corn on the cob.

I bought baby back ribs cut the slab in half and boiled them on a low boil for about an hour and fifteen minutes
With about 30 minutes left, I started a simple bbq sauce.
1 cup ketchup
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons dark brown sugar
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

Simmer that for 30 minutes or so.

Pull the ribs from the boil and make sure to get most the water off. Use a brush to spread the sauce on one side of the ribs. Put that side down on a medium heat grill and spread the rest of the sauce on the other side. All you need to do here is add a little crustiness to the ribs. Flip after a few minutes and repeat. I got this from robbiesrecipes. Check it out. Cool site.

The chicken, mushrooms and onions I marinated in a simple balsamic marinade.
3/4 cup virgin olive oil
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
4-6 garlic cloves finely diced. (I used garlic powder)
salt and pepper

Marinated them for about 4 hours and grilled em up.

For the corn, I soaked the ears in the husks for about 2 hours in cold water. I then put them straight on the grill at medium heat for 20 minutes or so. The husks will burn but the corn is o so good.

The best part is the grill. Well for me anyways. I have been married for over 11 years. We registered for a little gas number then and it lasted a few years. Then I traded a buddy a futon for his grill. Another gas number, a little bigger and newer. That one finally crapped out on me. It had the old burner system with lava rocks and all. The grates were disintegrating.

Now I will not debate the merits of gas vs. charcoal here. I like both, but my family situation demands gas right now. For this purchase, I did the most extensive research on one single item that I have ever done. I was gonna go with the old eye test at Walmart and buy a Brinkmanns. Waited and went home and found out on the tubes that this model breaks down in 2 years. I finally settled on a Weber. The one I wanted was $700.00. Mrs. Thunder wasn't too keen on spending that much. I told her I would make her a deal. She research grills that night and tell me which one to get. Next day I went to Sears to look at theirs and almost fell for the eye test again. Called my wife and she looked up Kenmores and found out they look awesome but perform like crap. She finally relented and told me to get the grill I wanted. About time, we have a $1200 sewing machine that hasn't seen light in the second Bush administration. All I want to do is purchase an grill that we will use at least 2 time a week for 8 months a year until the Mayan calender runs out in 2012 then, I am sorry to tell all of you , we are all fucked. Someone should ask McCain and Obama what they are gonna do about the world ending at the end of their first term. Hope they have a town hall debate close to me. I am so going. Gonna ask that question and beg not to be tased. Come on now, don't go a get all upset. Don't think about end times, just drink a little more and put it in the back of your minds. Sorry to stir the pot. And really, there is a very good chance that the Mayans were idiots or lazy and just didn't finish out their calender. Moving on....

So I went to Home depot and bought a Weber. Just not the one I wanted. I went a step down and only spent $400. Nice solid grill that will last. The wife was happy and I love the damn thing. Almost slept out on the deck.

Side note, we originally went to get a grill a day earlier. Instead we bought a new front door on a whim. I tore the old one out and put the new one in on Sunday. Mowed the lawn. Helped make a head board for my youngest. Set up a bigger bed for my oldest. Cooked my wife's family a meal. Removed old landscaping ties and built a new retaining wall out of stone. Make all the meals we eat. Helped install two screen doors. All this in the last two weekends. Do nearly all the dishes. Went to a party last Saturday night, didn't get laid. Whats new? I think there is room underneath the grill cover.



Thursday, May 22, 2008

28K Redux

Just got done finishing the 28K tonight on FT. I finished 193 of 1200 or so. This after playing it last week and finishing 108. I am feeling pretty good about my MTT game right now.

I got some good cards and made some good reads to steal a few pots. One ass hat put me on tilt and I really don't know why. I tangled with him early on when I limped on my button with AJos with 4 limpers. Flop comes JJ8 and is checked to me. I bet half the pot and the ass hat pushes all in. I call and he shows J9 utg. I win and he curses Full Tilt for the setup

Fast forward and he has built a nice stack. It folds around to the highjack, who is a shorty, and he pushes all in for 3k or so. Blinds are 400/800. AH (asshat) calls with JJ vs shorties A9os. Flop comes with an A and AH shows why he is an asshat. He starts flaming the guy in the chat. Did not really bother me much but I thought AH was a moron for thinking that pushing A9 in that spot was wrong.

Fast forward. Same table with about 220 left in tourney with 135 getting paid. Now we have had one of the chip leaders trying to run over the table. Raising and calling smallish raises at least every other hand. I get AK utg and smooth call hoping to trap ole big stack. I don't usually play AK this way, but I had been at this table a long while and had a good read on everybody. AH limps, cl limps and 2 others see the flop. Flop comes K T rag. I bet 3/4 the pot and AH moves all in. I have him covered, but barely and I call, knowing he would play a weaker K this way and slow play a monster. He flips over KJs and the board comes KTxKT for the fucking chop. Now if this hand holds up I am in the top 12 and have a great shot to run deep. Tilted me. Super titled me that it was AH. I don't mind making a bonehead play like that, but, ala Hoy, if you can't evaluate yourself that really pisses me off. He ridiculed and flamed a player for a solid move and then does something horrible like this massive over bet and doesn't even acknowledge his ineptness. Bottom line, I owned him twice.

Salt in the wound. Two hands later he picks up AA and takes out two player with AK and KQ. He now is in the top 12 with my fucking chips. I was steaming.

I get moved to a new table right after that and pick up AKd on the button. Utg raises 2.5 the bllind. Folds to me and I, in tilt tinted glasses, push all in. Ignoring that I have never seen this player. Ignoring that his utg raise screams strength. Ignoring that AK suited is just a really pretty drawing hand. He of course has AA. Ighn. I can take comfort in that the flop came AKx and I would have gone broke anyway. Still it is about being right and controlling your emotions. I did not mind the suck out. I just hated that it was AH. Oh well.

Hand Question.

I was talking in the girly chat to my cousin during the early part of the tourney. I told him I had AA. It folded to me on the button and I raised 3x the bb. BB calls and we see a flop of 89Tos. BB bets 2x bb and I raise it 3x that. He smooth calls. Turn is a nasty J. He bets big and I fold. Now my cousin asked why I just didn't smooth call the flop call and see where things went from there. I told him I wanted to see where I was, I was probably ahead and that he may fold. And that he probably put me on some sort of steal. What would you do here? Please, let me know.



Oh I went down in the Mookie

Well played the Mookie for the 3rd time. Went out early. I had chipped up to around 2200. No show downs. I am in the BB with T9os. Utg raises from 40 to 100 . Next guy smooth calls around to me and I put 60 in to see what happens on the flop. And the flop happened, J87. Can you say Gin!? I bet 200 at the pot, utg folds and I think this guy, bigslicknuts, could be wrong on the blogger, raised me for about half his stack. I put him all in and he turns over JJ for top set. Turn a T. River T. Flopped straights never win. I am down to 775. I chip up to around 1000 and get moved to a new table. I fall drift down to 900 and observe the action. Early raise by guy that seemed a little loose. I decide to push in middle position with 66. Donkette right after me insta calls. Original raiser folds and my 66 goes down to a flopped A and Donkette's AQos. Now this call was for half of her stack. It was instant. I think it was a clicking error where the box value changed right as she hit it. I don't know. But insta calling an all in with AQ0s with the original raiser yet to act, seems really loose. But, what do I know. I am a newbie. Over all I am at peace with my play. I got in ahead both times and that is my goal.

Played the token frenzy. Got a token. Will use it on the 28k tonight.

Oh, and check out Donkettes blog. She is writing a series that is way worth a read.



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tourney cashes

Played the 28K last night and finished a respectable 108 out of 1150 runners or so. Remarkable only because I had to scrounge for every chip. I got KK once, no callers. JJ twice. Folded it once to utg raiser when 10 away from bubble. Got 99 all in on coin flips and held or resucked to win each time. 66, 33, 55,44 once each. AQ beat KJ button raise and call of my all in in the bb. AJ 3 times always in early position or after the pot had been raised. I didn't even get great suited connectors. Went out with 77 vs AK and couldn't resuck to win. Will take the $40 for my 6$ outlay.

Signed up for the 5+.50 omaha hi too. Played really tight. Still learning omaha. Was 20 of 23 half way to the second break. Get some hands and work my way up to 9 of 18. Top 9 get paid. My phone rings. It's 1 am. This is never good. It's my mother in law and she needs help with my father in law. He was diagnosed with ALS a year ago and has lost a significant amount of mobility. He is a large man and she is a small woman. Had to take him to the hospital. He's fine. Just couldn't pee. I tell my sleeping wife I am leaving. Get my shoes and socks and sit down in front of the computer. My last hand I see is 7744 double suited clubs and hearts. I call and then call a rr by the sb. Flop comes Axx with 2 clubs. He bets and I push and he calls. Hey what do I care, I am leaving. I river the flush to beat his pair of Aces. I get back from the hospital over an hour later and I had blinded out in 4th place for $58 and change.

Omaha is easy.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home game funnery

Got to my Tuesday night home game late. Had to work. Waited for someone to bust and finally sat down about 10:45. Played 3 hands until it broke up at 12:30. 25/50 blinds. Fold, fold and more folding. Finally limp after many limpers with QJhh. Flop comes Q82 one heart. Sb makes small bet. Three callers, so I push all in. Mookie, different one, tanks and says, "I know I am behind". Calls with A8hh. I hold up and almost double my $20 buy in. It was soooooted. He had outs. His words, not mine.

Second hand. Nearly family pot for $2 raise by utg. I look down in bb when folded to me at JJ. Call and see flop of J65os. Gin! Sb bets $10. I start salivating. I ask the other 5 people in the hand what they are gonna do with all smiles. Guy, not in the hand, who thinks he can read everybody, but can't, says I am definitely folding. I am selling that. I smooth call after a minute of table banter. Folds to button. His name is Willis. The wheels in his mind are spinning. I can smell them. He finally pushes all in. I have an erection. Very small, so not noticeable. Sb insta mucks and I insta call. I had put the button on AJ at worst but probably a slow played over pair. He had smooth called a $2 raise with AA on the button in 5 handed pot earlier. I know, horrible. Any way, any guesses as to what he had? Give up?
88. Yep thats right. Open raise for almost the pot smooth called ahead of him and he thinks his 88 is golden. Think mister know it all's banter helped me a little here. Want to play in my game? My hand holds and I am around $100.

Third hand. I call what now seems to be the standard open raise $2 with 66. Set mining. Flop comes 52J, two clubs. Checks around to button who bets $2 at the pot. 3 callers to me and I look at the board closely and realize the 5 is really a six. We were playing with an old casino deck and the hole in the middle fooled me into thinking it was a 5 and I was well into my 3rd tallboy. Little buzzed. Anyway, super cool. I bump it to $15. Fold, button folds. he had KJ and really the only other solid player there. Mookie, different one, thinks for a bit and smooth calls. He is on a flush draw. I know he is on a flush draw and he knows I know. He loves his flush draws. Turn is 4s and he checks. I put him all in for his last $55 and he tanks. He says he knows I have AJ or something. He asks if I want to be snapped off. I tell him that sounds uncomfortable. He finally calls and a harmless Td comes on the river. He mucks and says he picked up the straight draw on the turn.
Night ends with $180 in front of me. Not bad for less than 2 hours work. Thats more than my Full Tilt bankroll.


Did I mention Mookie, different one, and Willis are brothers? In the KC area? Let me know. You can come to my game.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

close, oh so close

Played the Hoy last night. Came in at 12. Not bad. Only 3 out of the cash. Put a hurt on Shaubs early when I rivered the wheel while floating with AK. I misplayed the hand and got lucky.

Went out on these two hands. First hand, I am in the bb and Wadzilla does the standard 3x raise on the button. Sb folds. I call with 33. Flop 449. I check and Wadzilla bets 2500, which I think is about the pot. Not sure though. I rerasie to 5000 and he lets his time run down and then just calls. Turn Q, check check. River A. Check Check and he turned over KQos to beat me. In the chat he told me something smelled funny about my raise. And that I almost got him. To fold. I guess, but do you really just smooth call there with K high? Is this not a fold or raise situation? I was trying to define my hand. I should have raised more. He took almost half my stack and put me near the bottom.

Next hand. Next orbit, I think. Folded to que31dawg in sb. He raises 2-3 times the bb. I shove AQos. He thinks and says he's pretty sure he's ahead of me here. Now I know I am ahead. AK or pair and he's not thinking. Lets the time bank run down and calls. Turns over AJos. Flop Jxx all clubs. I can't catch Q or a club to go with my A and igh in 12th. He said he respected my raise there. So I won that last night....respect. Rather of had the chips.

Overall I played well. Was nervous at first but got in a rhythm. Got hit by the deck pretty well too. Lots of hands that I felt good stealing with. AJ, small pairs etc. Now, I am new to the blogger games and all, but I found the play at the Hoy to be pretty good. I signed up for a $3 KO tourney after my bust out and the donkeys were running in herds there. People unable to fold AQos after an unimproved flop, etc. I crushed it for 4th place and got coolered on my last hand. I guess my point is for all the griping folks do about the play in the blogger events, the play is still way above the play I see at my stake level. So this is making me better. I just have to work on my smell.

I now owe Donkette $10. Can't get it to her. Like the poor 3rd world, non listed blogger I am, she has forgiven my debt. Full Tilt doesn't like my deposit history. Anybody know why this happens?


Monday, May 12, 2008


Went to our local mega hardware store this weekend. Among the many items on our list was a new toilet seat for the kids bathroom. We got the $5 seat. Works great. Used it myself. This begs the question, why buy a $38 toilet seat. What's going on here? Are they gold filled? Made of Ivory? Crafted by magic elves? What? I can't remember the last time I was at a friend or strangers house and thought, "Wow, kick ass toilet seat. Gotta ask where they got that." If I buy the high dollar seat, will I find it so comfortable that I will want to spend all my spare time on the crapper?

Moving on, did not play much poker lately. Just small stake sit n go's. Seem harder to beat. Have to dodge way more bullets. Donks calling all their stacks off with 2 all in raises ahead of them, while holding 66 and what not. Fun Fun

Ate some food too. Non of it my cooking though.

Wait, just won a $1 sit no go. Bank roll is busting out.

I will try to play the Hoy tonight. Password Hammer

See ya there, maybe.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Food Token

Played a token frenzy today. Looked up at my screen as it started and guess who was right next to me? Give up? Drum roll.....Smokkee. I have only been blogging for a month and just happen to sit next to one of the bloggers I read nearly daily.

Anyhoo, he was playing super tight and, oh I don't know, 6 levels into it, both of us hovering in the bottom ten, it is folded to Smokkee. He pops for about half his stack. I think for a while and put him in with ATos. Thought his range was fairly big here. Oops I was wrong. My AT goes down to KK that became Quad Kings. I go out shortly after. Hope he got his token with those chips.

Little food now.

As spring has sprung and summer is rolling round the bend I thought I would talk about grilling out. Now my goal in the summer months is to minimize dish use and not heat up the house with ovens and cook tops and what not. When it comes to food, I am more of a minimalist. For the complex flavors, I would recommend talking to this guy. He's got pictures even.

One of my favorite meals to make is Pork Tenderloin, mushrooms, sweet potatoes and garlic bread.

For the pork tenderloin make sure you pick out an unseasoned variety. Stay away from the premarinated pork. You can do much better on your own. Take the pork out of the package and put it in a big enough dish that the meat will fit nicely. Rub a little olive oil on the tenderloins. Then, I then like to put at dry rub on mine. You can make your own, but I found one called Hog Wild. It's from a local place in KC. (We do ok with BBQ here). Now apply this generously and put it back in the fridge. Let sit for at least an hour. Now this next part is important. You must take your meat out of the fridge and warm to room temperature before grilling. If you don't you shock the meat and it cooks unevenly. Once it has warmed place the pork on a hot grill. What you are doing here is searing the meat. A few minutes per side. May have to turn it 3 or 4 times, as the tenderloin is a circular cut. Get a nice dark, not burnt, crust on it. Once crusted, remove from direct heat like an upper rack or a non used burner. Let it finish "baking off" for 20 to 30 minutes. Now a lot of people don't know this but pork doesn't have to be cooked till all the pink is gone. That pesky worm problem has been taken care of. I still try to cook it until white all the way through, but if there is a little pink, I don't worry about it. Once the pork is off the grill you must let it stand for 5 minutes at least. This lets the juices settle into the meat and yields a much moister finished product. Cut the pork into 1/2 inch medallions and serve.

Mushrooms are easy. Marinate in olive oil salt and pepper. Let stand for hour or so. Make sure to use sea or kosher salt. It tastes so much better. Place mushrooms on medium heat and grill after pork has seared. Turn them regularly until they have browned nicely and shrunk to about half original size. These are good to grill because they are hard to burn.

Sweet potatoes I cut into cubes and place in foil with kosher salt pepper and butter. Double wrap and place in grill. I have a top rack that I put them on when the grill is heating up. As long as they don't get super hot direct heat they will not burn and can stay on from start to finish.

After everything is grilled and the pork is settling, I turn the grill up high and clean it with a metal brush. I have purchased a roasted garlic loaf and cut it in slices. I brush olive oil or butter on both sides and toast on the grill about 2 minutes a side.

Boom delicious meal. Add a little beer or maybe wine, good to go.

Try it. If you are a burger and brat guy only, your wife or boyfriend will think you went to culinary school.

Next up: easy ribs


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Guess Who's Back

Well made it back from FLA and a good time was had by all. The house we stayed at was on the beach, gulf side. It was nice waking up and going out the back door to nothing but ocean.

No poker over the week. Did play in the Math last night. Made it into the top five when my flopped middle set of 7's beat a turned straight when the last 7 fell on the river. I slow played the set because I had called a raise pre flop and put the raiser on a strong ace. Not A6c. Lucky for me I hit the quads.

Then sometime later I raised with ATos and the flop came Axx. I bet and was called. Turn paired the board and I bet out again. Got check raised nearly all in and I went into the tank. Decided to fold here and take my chances elsewhere.

Hand that put me out was to Swimmom. I raise utg with JTos 3x the bb. She calls with in sb. Flop JTX all hearts. I am last in tourney and I bet 1/3 my stack, about the pot. She pushes me all in and I call crying, knowing I am beat. She turns up 78h. I do not improve and igh. Now I am not the best poker player but I would have to think calling that big of raise in the sb with the bb yet to act, with that hand is -ev. Hmm? Newbie here, educate me.

See ya soon.