Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drop by Gas out

Not much going on. Chiefs blew it. San Diego Lost. Denver lost. All they had to do was beat the Raiders and they are playing for the the division next week in Denver. They had two field goals blocked. Does not really matter. Would have been creamed in the play offs even if they beat Denver.

Poker wise not much going on. Went to Ameristar last Thursday with Big Slick. We had to wait on a table so we played a little Pai Gow to pass the time. He had never played before so it was fun teaching him. He finally sits down and the first hand he gets the wheel with a pair of kings up top. Lucky bastard. I dropped about $60 there. Finally get our seats and I get dealt 33 first hand. I am in late middle position so I open raise after it is folded to me. Couple of callers see the flop 245 rainbow. I c-bet. One caller. The turn is gin 6h. Two hearts on the board. I bet $30. He calls. The river is the Jh. Not too scary but still completes the flush. I make it the same bet and he folds. The hand represented all my profit that day. Played four more hours and cashed out up $80. Up $20 for the day.

Slick finished up $300. He only played about an hour. He started having horrible stomach pains. He went and bought antacid. No help. We finally leave and he can barely talk on the way home. He was convinced it was his gall bladder after talking to a medical friend. He was going to go to Walgreens clinic. I talked him into going to a clinic with a real doctor. He calls me couple hours later and it was just bad gas. Haha. X-rays and $180 later he farted and all was better. He ended up $120 on the day.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Wow. I mean wow. Beat the Packers. I know the Packers were sleep walking through this game, but the Chiefs were DOA. What a statement by Romeo Crennel and Kyle Orton. Kind of mad at Scott Pioli for not pulling the trigger on Haley sooner. Might have made all the difference. I have not watched the Packers at all this season except for this game. They had huge problems on the offensive line and on defense in general today. The score does not accurately reflect the tenor of the game. The Chiefs offense owned the the Packer defense. Kansas City had it 1st and goal inside the five four times and came away with only nine points. Could and should have been much worse. Packers looked really beatable. I am going to chalk it up to one game and expect Green Bay to win out.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Played again. Up $20 for four hours work. Yay me!!!

Couple of interesting things.

First was a spat between the 1 and 2 seats. I was in 4 and had a great view. The one seat was unhappy with how the two seat was playing. The two seat had shown down J5, 52, and another crappy hand I cannot remember. He had one with two of them. The one seat is a guy they call $50 Mike. He never buys in for more or less. He literaly only plays the nuts. AK is the worst hand he plays and he gets it in pre flop, hopes to get called and double up. Seat two called him down with AJ suited. Saying "you only play the nuts. I know I am behind, But, I will give you action.". Mike won but I guess this still miffed him. They argue back and forth. The two seat is by far the better player. He tried to steal a pot from me when I was betting the whole way. His line did not make sense so I called. He had ace high. Mike has no post flop game. Mike could not fathom why seat two was doing what he was doing. It was pretty funny to watch.

I get AA on the button. Don't you just love AA on the button? Begging for a pot building raise with multiple callers so you can take down a big pot uncontested. Under the gun raises to $15. Is there anything better the utg raising when you have AA on the button? Gets one caller, seat two. I pop it to $45. Utg says oh well I will give you action and puts it out there. Seat two mucks. Utg then turns his hand over and says good luck. The whole table says whoa what are you doing? He looks down at me and sees the one black chip, six red birds and a couple of singles. He cringes and says he thought I was all in. He has two red 8's. The flop is ten high no 8. I move in and he folds. Nice little pot.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I was playing at Ameristar yesterday. I put my name on the 1/2 list and sat down at a 4/8 limit game to pass the time. Was up a little and down a a little. An incident happened shortly before I left the table. The hand was normal until the right before the turn card. It was bet around and called around to the gentleman seated directly to my right. He was in the 8 seat. I was in the nine seat. As the eight seat was pondering a call, the dealer proceeded to burn and was pulling the turn card off the deck when the eight seat told her to wait, he had not acted. She put the card back on top of the deck. The ten seat immediately said he saw the turn card. Now here is the question. Is the card live still? I do not know what the rule in such a case s. The ten seat was not in the hand. It would have literally been a split second fix. Just as the ten seat said it was exposed, the eight seat said call. Now I know the eight seat did not see the card. I could not see it and I was watching. The one seat could not see it. Only the ten seat could see it, and he was not in the hand. I was not in the hand either. The floor was called. He had them expose the Kd to the whole table. Which was funny because after the floor made his decision and the turn had not yet been exposed, the ten seat declared it to be the Qh. The river was then burned and turned. The Kd was then shuffled into the deck and one card was taken off the top to complete the hand.

I am wondering if this was handled properly? I guess the answer would be collusion. If the ten were in cahoots with a player in the hand, it might make sense. It seems to me he just keeps his mouth shut and move on. If he were in the hand, sure.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I live in Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence is basically an extended suburb of the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. One of the neat things about living in Lawrence is our television situation. We are about twenty five minutes from Topeka and forty minutes from Kansas City. Therefore, we get to double dip. Two of each major network, except Fox. This is useful mostly in regards to sporting events. Many times we have four different choices for the NFL or college football.

My wife and I have great friends who live in Olathe Kansas. They were both in our wedding. We have gone on many vacations together. We have been there for the births of our respective children. I go to Vegas with Troy every year. We are close. Jana is an executive producer at Fox 4 in Kansas City. Most of you outside the KC area are probably not aware that the morning weather anchor, Don Harman, took his own life last Tuesday evening. It has impacted the greater Kansas City area in a way that most could never understand. He was greatly loved. He will be missed. He was like a brother to Jana. His loss was no less to her than you or I losing our parent or spouse.

Every year, Troy and Jana, organize a Limo ride around Kansas City to see the inspiring and sometimes creepy light displays. If you get the chance, go see the Country Club Plaza in December. It is pretty cool. Anyway, our annual foray took place this last Saturday. They buried Don Friday. We showed up, left the kids with the sitter, and took off with six other couples. We had a great time. It was what the doctor ordered. At one point we ended up in a neighborhood bar that happened to cater to the gay community. It was some of the most fun I have had in quite some time. We tore up the dance floor and did numerous shots. It struck me as I watched Troy and Jana dancing on the dance floor that they would be more than good. They would be great. They were sad to be sure. But, I was witnessing healing. They were not only dancing, they were connecting. They were laying the foundations. They had lost a loved one, yes, but the break would heal stronger.

We got back to their house and I checked my email. I got an email I was dreading. A high school friend had passed. She had liver cancer. She left behind a husband and two young daughters. She was quite possibly the nicest person I have met. I can not think of one crappy thing she ever did. This is what her husband wrote:

Good Evening Everyone,

With the heaviest of hearts, I wanted to let everyone know that Megan passed away this evening (Sat 12/3) at 9:25pm CST.

Her final struggle was mercifully quick and as peaceful as one could hope for and her passing was no different than the way that she lived her life - completely immersed and surrounded with love. Her parents, her sister and I were with her until the very end. Within minutes, my Mom (who had flown in from Colorado) made it. The girls had a good hour earlier in the day to say goodbye and then came back for one last goodbye. She was also visited by Gina Taddiken when she brought the girls. So, in a way, everyone who has had a hand in helping us was there as well through Gina.

We know that Megan is now in a better place, no longer struggling against this horrible disease. However, we are still so very sad at the unbearable thought of not having the best wife/mommy around. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers that we have received thus far. They have and will continue to sustain us through this dark time.

As soon as I have information regarding the service, I will have it posted immediately.

Love to All,

Healing. Again. It is there in his message. I can feel it.

They are resilient. We are resilient.

Puts busted bullets and sinus infections in their place.

Maybe what was left in Pandoras box was what we needed.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Bullshit happening

I'm just some fucking guy.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Went to Ameristar again to try my luck. Got there around 9:45 in the a.m. and got the last 1/2 seat. I thought I would play it safe for the first round and assess the table. The poker gods had other plans. Third hand in I pick up AA under the gun. I limp in. Now I usually would not do this but they have a busted bullets promotion and there were three left. Two guys to my left raises it to $11. Three callers back to me and I bump it to $45. The original raiser calls and the others go away. The flop is the innocuous 922. I bet out $75. The other dude instant raises. I move all in and he calls. Now there really is no thought to this at all because I have AA. If they are cracked, I get a $100 rebate from the promotion. I flip over my AA and he flips over. Wait for it. Wait for it. Fucking 92os. NO WAY. I am stunned. 99 I could handle. Maybe ever A2 suited. But 92 off suit. I lose of course and have $25 left. I ask him if he new it was coming. He looked at me straight faced and said the dealer was talking about the Montana. And once that happened there was no way he was folding. I told him straight faced that it made perfect sense. My end of the table laughed. I pressed him and asked if I moved in before the flop that he would call. He said yep. Guy next to me whispered "Moron.". Love that guy. And I guess the 92 is called the Montana Banana or something. I got my $100 rebate and played on.

It whittled down to $65 or so. Turns out I was seated directly right of the two biggest aggro dorks I had ever played. with. They bet and bet and bet. I picked up 77 in the big blind and we saw a cheap flop six ways. It flopped A 7 2. Gin. I check. Aggro dork directly left of me bets $11. Called in two place and I call as well. The turn is a 8. I love this board. I have to be getting paid by someone with an ace. I check. Aggro dork fires $15 at it. Folds to me and I move in. He calls and flips over two pair with 82. He played 82 under the gun. Love this guy. I get my double up back to $130 or so.

I get AA again in the small blind. This time no cracked bullets are left. Middle position semi aggro guy makes it $14 to go. It gets called in two other spots. I bump it to $100 flat. Folds around. Nice $45 pot no work.

Float a flop with the gutty. Get there on the turn. Win a nice little pot. Now I am up $25 on the day.

Get AA again. In the small blind again. I love AA in the blinds. Limped around in three places. I am still sitting next to super aggro donk. He had $600 in front when I sat down. That is gone now and he has reloaded $200 twice. He has been sucked out on and is steaming. I make a calculated risk and decide to limp here. I was checking him out in the peripheral and he seemed like he was going to bet. He did not. Damn. Hate 5 handed flops holding AA. Oh well gotta get away if it gets ugly. The flop comes 348 off suit. I check to see what he would do. He bet $22. Folds to me. I smooth call. I hate that flop with him in the big blind. It would have smacked him. I felt I could get a better read after the turn. The turn is a somewhat scary 7. No flush draw though. I check. He quickly puts out $50. I had been paying attention to his betting patterns. When he had a good hand, he always bet around %50 more than his flop bet which would be $33 here. This was an over bet for him and it screamed go away. I thought for a moment and announced all in for $90 on top. He instant called. SHIT. I am toast. He has two pair or some crappy 56. He pushes his chips in and flips over A8 os. Top pair top kicker. I sigh and flip mine over The river blanks and I am up to $350 or so. He soon melted completely down and lost to an old rock holding AA. OR bets. AD raises before the flop. OR calls. AD announces all in in the dark. Flop is A high. OR calls and shows the nuts.

Felt good to flop a set and win. Felt good to have AA hold up most the time.