Sunday, December 18, 2011


Wow. I mean wow. Beat the Packers. I know the Packers were sleep walking through this game, but the Chiefs were DOA. What a statement by Romeo Crennel and Kyle Orton. Kind of mad at Scott Pioli for not pulling the trigger on Haley sooner. Might have made all the difference. I have not watched the Packers at all this season except for this game. They had huge problems on the offensive line and on defense in general today. The score does not accurately reflect the tenor of the game. The Chiefs offense owned the the Packer defense. Kansas City had it 1st and goal inside the five four times and came away with only nine points. Could and should have been much worse. Packers looked really beatable. I am going to chalk it up to one game and expect Green Bay to win out.

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lightning36 said...

Green Bay was heading for a loss. It was just surprising that it was at the hands of the Chiefs. Green Bay is still the best team imo, but the best team does not always win. Home field advantage in the playoffs will help, but they COULD be beaten in the playoffs.