Friday, April 24, 2009

An Empty Feeling at the Mookie

The Mookie came to a screeching halt the other night. It has caused quite a stir in this here little community. Hoy is in there. Others have left comments. I really do not have a dog in this fight. My schedule does not allow me to play in many BBT4 events. The best finish I have had is 4th.

But, leave it to this E list blogger to ask the tough question. One that could unravel the poker blogging community if not resolved. Who won the Dookie?

Yeah, you are right, who cares?


Friday, April 17, 2009

Pocket 8's

I have been playing just tourney's and sit n go's lately. I have been getting pocket 8's a lot. I don't have specific stats on the hand but if I had been getting Aces as often, I probably would be purchasing lottery tickets. The thing is I can't win with the 8's. I have played them all different ways and only won for the first time last night while heads up, uncontested. I have had them easily 10 times a day for the last 3 days. One tourney, I had them 5 out of 20 hands. I am probably being conservative in my count here. The thing is I have yet to flop a set with them. In fact the set has not gotten there on either the turn or river as well. The only hand they would have won was to a raise and re-raise AK vs AQ that never improved.

My question is this. When a scenario such as this occurs, how does it affect your play concerning the individual hand in question? Do you get to the point that you fold it immediately? Or do you play it hard? Just knowing that the set, or even the quads must be coming. You are due, aren't you? Or do you play it just as always? Like the weak middle pair it is.

I know the answer is that results should never affect the way you play the game. But come on, we are all human. The answer is in the margins. It is the gray part of poker that may or may not make us winners or losers. I would bet that if you could look at your play objectively, you would see that you tend to drift one way or the other. I am in the camp that says I am due. I will pay steeper prices to see flops. Float bigger bets for just one more card. Even call all in pushes in 2 spots.

I know this is a leak. And the fact that I have not gone broke with 8's in the last few day's tells me it is a small leak. I can live with that. I can live with that because if I were to go the other way, I shouldn't be playing the game. Overplaying an individual pair because you think it is due speaks to aggression. And we all know you need aggression to win at this game.

I played in the 1 p.m. tourney at Harrahs yesterday. I took fourth for a nice little win. My first table I sat next to a really nice twenty something guy who really livened up the table. He talked about hands he wasn't involved with a little too much, but other than that he was fun to play with. If checked to him, this guy never looked at his BB and always checked. A check in the dark always followed if the SB did not raise. He said it was because he always loses with his BB. This is so bad and we all know why. He let past results dictate his future play. He gave up the greatest advantage that playing the BB gives you and I am sure it has cost him money.

He is a glass half empty guy. I guess that makes me a glass slightly fuller guy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KC Run bad,. Kids run goot and LOST anticipation.

Went up to Harrahs yesterday to play the $30 tourney. I finished 13th out of 60 when my AQ ran into the mighty KQ and got runner runnered for the flush.

Played 1-2 nl then and got hammered by a 7 outer on the river, a 5 outer on the river, and the icing on the cake, a 2 outer on the river. I can deal with it. Nothing unusual about any of those. I just needed one of those to hold to turn a smallish loss into a decent day. I was betting while ahead and shut down when I knew to be behind. The last one I called totally on tilt just so I could pull the oh so effective ridicule as you leave ploy. I just can not seem to dodge top pair top bad kicker and or non nut flush drawing fools. They always seem to get me no matter how priced out of a pot they are.

While waiting for a table, I put $5 in a slot machine and got three 7's on the 3rd spin. Knew that had to be pretty good. $50 good. Helped to sooth the poker injustice that follows me around like a cloud whilst at Harrahs.

Yesterday morning I was getting Thunder Son ready for school. He looks at me and says while sniffing, "What is that smell? It smells, it smells like toots." I leaned forward and blew in his face and asked him if it was my breath. He screamed yes and ran away from me. Up the stairs I go to give my the one two punch of Mentadent and Listerine. What can I say my Wife loves tossed salad. Or, I have a cold, you decide.

Looking forward to Lost tonight. I hope they focus some more on Miles and his Haley Joel abilities. I would love to see a flash back episode centered around his time on the island. I have to believe he has seen some shit he just keeps to himself. Do you think he will be the vehicle to bringing back characters...say like Charlie, Mr Eko, buried alive couple etc...? But wait you say, wouldn't he have said something already about some of the stuff he has seen. No way. First he is in it for himself. That is who he is. Second, they wouldn't believe him anyway so why try. I hope we get his perspective soon. Judging by the preview, it may be tonight.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Best episode ever.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Yep, that's right Bacon. I blogged about the three foods that make every thing better. Butter being here. Bacon may be the the just a hair above the rest. It is my favorite by far. I have been extollling the virtues of bacon for years. Long before Jim Gaffigan so wonderfully captured my feelings. As he say's, bacon is the fairy dust of the food world. It makes everything better. EVERYTHING. Try arguing this and you will eventually come around to the inevitable conclusion that bacon does in fact help everything. See.

Any guesses as to the last of the great three foods?