Thursday, May 27, 2010

So long BBT5 I hardly knew ya

Played in the Mookie last night. At one time with around 30 left I was a big chip leader with over 30k. Second had 20K. I could not parley it into anything. I went completely chip dead. Nothing to make a move with. I finally went out with a whimper in 11th A4 vs AK. I called in sb. The guy had been pushing a lot so I thought my ace may be good.

Oh well seven BBT5 events and 3 cashes and one final table. Can't really complain. Thanks to Al et al. See ya at the free roll.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I really liked the finale. It took me to a place I did not expect.


Did it really just boil down to good vs. evil in a battle for their souls?

Is Jacob Jesus?

Is Smokey Satan?

Was Ben born again at the end?

How does one get an invite to the church at the end? Where is Eko and Michael and such?

Did they all die in the plane crash or with the Nuke?

Did Rose and Bernard already know they were dead when they helped Desmond?

Do the needs of the many out weigh the wants of the few? Was Spock right?

What is up with the dog?

Is purgatory a bench outside a church in southern California?

When does the movie come out?

Addendum: What is up with Daniel Faraday? If he is not going with them, then who?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mookie blah

I had exactly one good hand in over two and one half hours of play. 22 flopped a set and pushmonkey did just that. The board came 9728 I think, and pushmonkey reraised my turn bet all in with top pair and a gut shot. My set held up and I was over 11k and in first. I thought here we go. Then nothing. Card dead. AQ twice. No other top ten hands. Only a pair of sixes once. That was it. Donked out with JQs against KK. Looked like a monster to me.

It was fun to see Waffles push with a "billion" outs. Hope to see a post today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here is how it ends. Jack and Benjamin sitting outside the feet. Ben telling Jack he wants to kill him and Jack saying I know. Camera pans back and we see Richard in the back ground head in hands weeping.

Or not

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looky Here

I have done it. It has happened. Brought a big 'ol tear to my eye.

Wait for it.....Wait for it...

I have a follower.

So I say welcome my friend it is good to have you. I will work hard to make you proud.

Friday, May 14, 2010

AK no good

I ran AK into JJ to bust out in my last three tournaments. One the guy had it utg and limped. I raised happy to take down the pot of 5 limpers and he pushes all in. He was the big stack. Gotta think the limp push move from utg with JJ is not the greatest strategy,

The other tournament I played I was in the bb with 77. Folds around to the button who makes the standard pot size stealing bet to 210. I have 1700 behind and I push. He does not even think about it and calls for over half his stack. He had Ah3h. Insta call, really? Of course the ace is the first card out and igh. Something has gotta hold sometime. Right?

Addendum: AK just beat AJ. Was worried. You know because of the jack and all.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gut Shot in the Corn Hole

Getting raped by gut shots on my flopped sets. Losing hair and breaking tables.

Slow playing

Got knocked out of the Mookie with TT. I raised pre flop. The Lag that was sitting to my right obviously calls as he called almost every raise I made. Flop comes QTx. I bet 600 into the 900 pot. He instant calls. No thought. K falls and I check, putting him on AK or KQ. He bets and I push. And he has JA . Jack ace. I say nice catch. He says says nice slow play. Of course he did not use my chips at all and busted out soon after.

Slow play jack ass. Really? Super well played on the flop, drawing to your 4 outer.

Really, poker genius. My fault for losing because of the slow play. Just say, yeah I got lucky and move on.

Slow play, really?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mookie 2night

The Mookie tonight 9 central
Password vegas1

See ya there

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Poker from the rail

Turned $6 into $40. Took 12th. Pretty happy with my play. Saw QQ once. Saw JJ twice. Saw AQ once. No AA, KK, AK. Flopped one set with TT. I was bobbing and stealing with junk. From all positions. I flopped a straight with my open raise with 56c in ep. One caller Fuel. I bet the 2 spaded board and he flatted. The third spade comes and I push to protect. He folds and says something about one pair fish. He is a cranky guy. I am sure it was my HUD that told him I had a big pair.

Anyhoo I cashed. Can not and will not complain.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More bitching

We are both floating some other dude who is leading the betting from preflop. I hit my straight and he bets out first. I push all in to more than double the pot. No where near odds to call. Instant call. Crash burn. Please tell me this is going to end soon.

Screw you "random" number generator. Screw you tilt.

I know it is not that bad of a beat, but come on, the dude had to know he was behind, way behind. alksdjfosaofdjsofasd;ljfq;fjsladfjdalfjas

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Screw Full Tilt

And there it is. Blow me Full tilt. Oh and the best part is I bet the fucking flop. I bet it. The douche calls 1k with that hand. Like he knew it was coming. One fucking outer. Mother fucker. The very next hand I got KK and ran it into AA. No saving me. Then 66 tuns into 99 to end my tourney.

Tourney before that I went out with AA vs JJ vs 88 board comes J679T. So of course the worst hand wins.

To quote a blogger "get aids and die Full tilt"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Do Not Get It #2


Sex is involved and it is anonymous, so I guess that is the draw.
BUT it is anonymous. It could be my ninth grade gym teacher on the other end and he just ain't my type. And to me, the main draw of receiving oral sex is to see a beautiful woman doing it. I think to myself, I can't believe this hot woman is doing this voluntarily. I am like most men; visual.

Oh and there is the fact that you are putting your junk through a hole and giving up total control to a stranger, be it a man or a woman. Scissors, hedge shears, needles, acid, or tiny guillotine. Even the good ole crank yank. Twist till it bleeds. I love my penis too much to take that kind of chance with it. It helps that I do not dig dudes as well.

KK no good

The two hands KT and K7 were shorties. The thing that killed me is the action went KT shove, my over shove and then the Jack Ace instant call. I essentially get two outed here. If the ten comes, I still end the hand with a win.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Corn holed

Seriously thinking about quitting this game. Nothing holds up and I cannot outdraw a damn thing. KK cracked by AJ with the instant call. AA run down by KJ. Screw you poker. Really, let me take my pants off. Uuuuggghhhhh