Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flopped Full House, The Other Side

This is better.

In interest of full disclosure.....

We did not get it in until the turn. BTW


Exploring new ways to lose. Just %99 to win after the flop.

Fuck you Waffles, I run way worse than you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tingly Down There

Is there anything better than picking up Aces?

I was playing the $4.40 Rush tourney. I had recently doubled up and was sitting in the top five with about 23 players to go. Top fifteen get paid. I get rushed to the next table and find myself in middle position with AA. I go through my normal quick check off when I get a big pair. My position, stacks sizes I am up against and how am I going to play it, pre-flop post flop whatever. How am I going to maximize value here. I tend to talk to myself at the computer. I am verbalizing all this when under the gun plus two (2nd in chips) open shoves. I giggle a little and mutter "that decision is taken care of". I sit for a split second as my elation turns to worry. God I hate poker sometimes. I am getting ready to call a bet that can double me up and I am holding the nuts. But, all I can think of is the bad beat that is coming. Sick I know. I guess it has come to this. It is easier to expect the beat down while holding the nuts than getting excited about winning with the nuts and getting snapped off.

As you can see it all worked out in the end. I doubled up and took the commanding lead. What a great play with JJ eh? That guy should teach a class on how to never ever play JJ. Just plain awful.

I made the final table pretty easily. FT got me. It is not that it gets me, it is the manner in which it does. I took a race for half my stack with 55 in a battle of the blinds all in pre flop. I win and I have a commanding chip lead over all but one other player. 55 < AK. The board comes out T787T. Counterfeited. Damn. Would have felt better losing to an ace or king. Getting counterfeited feels so dirty. Still have chips enough to make moves, about 15K. Blinds were 800/400.

First hand of the final table I get 4 limpers with me in the big blind. I have 23of clubs. Flop 4c5c8s. The small blind bets and I push. The big stack flats as does the small blind. I hit the flush and the big stack pushes. Doh!!!. He flips over the nut flush and I am drawing to one out. No such luck and IGH in 9th.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Notch a piece of cake

Just went out in Cakes 30+3 4K guarantee bounty. Second hand. I have JJ. UTG min raises and I just call with the big blind. Flop is 9J6. Original raiser bets half the pot. I just smooth call. Turn is 6. Sweet I have full house, now worry about flushes. He bets the pot. I smooth call. The river is another 9. Damn, that is gonna kill my action. AA and KK slow down for sure now. I bet half the pot. He min raises me. Ok, I push and he calls and tables 66. One outed on the river. You never see quads coming.

So my last three tourneys have had flopped trips beat by runner runner straight, runner runner flush and my turned full house lose to turned quads.

How am I running?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FT curse is back

Just lost my last two sit n go's. 66 vs AsKc and KK vs AA. Both times I flopped a set to get way ahead. The sixes lost to runner runner flush. The KK lost to runner runner straight. It's like I am being punished.


Poker Bleh

Went to Harrahs yesterday. I made the most horrendous play I have made in a long time. I get in a cheap flop with Q9 from the small blind. Flop of 9QK hits. I bet $10 and get called in three spots. The turn is a 6. I slow down and check. The big blind bets $60. Folds around to me and I think a bit before calling. River is a blank 7 of hearts.. There were two spades on the flop. I check and he bets $200. That puts me all in. I deliberate and finally call. It was obvious to everyone he flopped the nuts JT. I knew it too. My brain was screaming at me to fold from the turn. My brain was sending off 5 alarm bells on the river. It was like I was mesmerized. I guess I just wanted to be a hero. Never go broke with a pair of queens in you hand. Right? I could only beat top pair or the busted flush draw. No way he bets that way. No way. The kick in the junk of the whole thing is I told myself I was going to play until my big blind, but decided I had one more round in me. If I had just got up I would have booked a smallish $60 win. Still $20 an hour. Instead I went home broke and dazed and severely disappointed in myself. Expensive lesson.

I played on Cake poker last night for the first time in a while. It was a $5.50 re buy and add on. I got in for the minimum $15 consisting of the double buy to open the tourney and the add on at the end of the re buy period. All of my big hands had lots of all in action and all held up. I ended the re buy period as the huge chip leader. I cruised to the final table, never falling below fifth place. We were playing ten handed with blinds 3k/6k ante 500. I limp with KQs under the gun. We see a flop five ways. Ts8s3s. Can you say GIN!!!! There is already 40k in the pot and I have about 62k left. I decide to push and take it down here. I would be second or third in chips. It folds to the big blind who instant calls. He has about 70k left. He has the As4h. Of course the final spade hits the river and IGH. I win that pot and I am in first place. The fool. He puts basically his whole tourney life on the line as a %70 underdog. I fade that spade and I have a great chance of winning another $650 or so.

So there you have it. No justice in poker. I donk off into the nuts and get drawn out on by a donkey.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good things come

to those who wait.

I finally won one of these after about a bajillion tries. The best I had done to date is third a few times.

Got down to three handed with a short stack and a Lagtard that had about my stack. He busted the small stack and we played heads up for about 10 hands. I took a small chip lead when the final hand cam up. I have 89os in the small blind and limp. He checks and I flop gin!!!! T76 two clubs and a heart. I check and he checks. He must have something here because he always bets. The turn is the QH. I bet 3/4 the pot and he raises me about half his stack. Awesome. I push all in and he calls tabling Qc6C for top pair and flush draw. The river blanks and I win. Woot. Woot.

You may notice the picture in the background on my desktop. It is from a room in the Bellagio taken by Astin. Drop by his blog and see it, it is pretty cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On Fire

Went to Harrahs last Tuesday to play the daily 1 pm tourney. You have to get there three hours early just to get a seat. Ridiculous? Absolutely. It used to be a 60 man tournament. Now it is only 30. Dealer shortage. Yeah, OK.

Anyhoo, I have about a hour to kill until my brother gets there to meat me for lunch. What to do? What to do? Craps of course. I buy in for $100 to get rated and wait for the current roller to finish before placing a bet. He craps out and I put money on the pass line and $1 on the fire bet. The fire bet is a bet you make when a new roller is coming out. If he makes four points during his roll you get 40-1, five points 200-1, all six and it is 500-1.

He rolls a six. Bam!! Next roll a six. Rolls a ten. Bam!! Next roll a ten. He hits the five and eight relatively easy. Within ten minutes, my little dollar is $40. He then rolls and makes points that he does not need to complete the fire bet. Until finally a nine. Bam!!! Rolls another nine. My buck is now $200. Been playing for just twenty minutes. Now he gets stuck on nine. He sets nine as the point and hits it another two times. All the while rolling fours left and right (the only point left to hit the big bet). Finally he rolls a four. And four rolls later, another four. Bam!!!! $500. Just like that. I left for lunch up $700. First place in the tourney only paid $300 or so.

Slick was sick. He did not go that day and he loves the dice.

I bought my brother lunch.

Later at the cash games, I ran into the scariest poker player I have ever seen. He was snapping off bluffs left and right with bottom pair. He would look at them and say, you missed your draw, I call and always be right. It was creepy. I stayed out of his way. He had $1500 in front of him in a 1/2 game $200 max buy in. I flopped a couple of straights and ended up $70.

I played video poker while waiting for my seat and won $3.25.

Good day all around.