Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Run. Based

This game giveth and taketh. Wow. Had a $294 loss last Friday. Played well. Was on a great table just could not get anything going. Played yesterday. Picked up AA early. Raised and called preflop. Jack high flop and bet it. Get raised and I move in. Called. The raiser never showed but said he had a jack only. I am up to about $500. A little later I get AsAc. Utg raises nice. The big stack at the table reraises. Very nice. Now the big stack has about $1000 in front. He is just running super hot. I have played with him before an he is not very good. He has always gone broke when I play with him. It folds to me and I pop it to $100. Original raiser moans and folds. The big stack moves in and I call. He has AhAd. The flop and turn come all hearts so sick. This is a first for me. I re buy and make quads with 66. I chip down. Get JJ in against aaa slow played KK for my last $125 on a 6 high board Ughhhhh

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Run goot.

Still on the iPhone. I started using an app called Poker Live Tracker. It's a nice bankroll managing tool My first two sessions in April were $300 and $340 losses. I got back on the plus side with a $61 win I'll take it Got incredibly lucky when KK all in pre flop outflopped AA Then I booked my largest live cash game win ever. $1200. I ran so well. I only miss played QQ against AA. I hit three sets. Got lots of big pairs. Had aces cracked but lost the minimum Followed it up with a $547 win last Tuesday . I run goot

The biggest winners for me where Aces vs Kings three times. Stacked them each time. It just reinforces what I already know to be a leak in my game. Patience. Got to wait for good cards and get paid

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still here

Lap top crapped out. Gotta use my phone.

Way to go Jayhawks. One hell of a rebuilding year.

Poker is up and down. I win. $500. Then lose. It is currently my turn to win next

Will post more when my laptop situation is resolved