Friday, June 18, 2010

Somewhere in the black mining hills of Dakota

That is where the family and I are headed soon. Therefore there will be no posts for a while. Sorry loyal reader. I'll get back to where I once belonged soon but not yesterday.

See ya soon


Monday, June 14, 2010

I know it is old

Tried two more 4.40. Thanks Waffles

First one chip up to double stacks and get AK in against KT pre flop. Turned straight to beat me.

Second one. I had QQ vs AA vs KK and I flop the set. Of Course. Worst had always wins.

Later have 4x the starting stack in money position. I call min raise with 88. Flop come 8sKdJd. Dude bets pot that is about 2000. I re raise all in and dude calls off 3700 with get this....K2s. Turn Spade, river Spade. How the fuck do you do that. He has to know he is dominated or got a IM from FT saying they got his back.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Big XII.....XI....X? Big V?



KU will land on their feet. A BCS conference will want them.

But I am sick of waiting.

Come on!!!!!!!!

This Just In

Playing 4.40. Me A8 in sb vs BB

Decide to limp. BB checks heads up

Flop 858 os Check, bb bets

Turn 2 os Check BB bets

River K I check. I have to be ahead here.

I push and he calls.

He has ......KK. I CANT HOLD. EVER. I know it was a re suck but it was limped. and I was WAAAAY ahead. FUDGE.!!!!!!!!

Ok I guess I am the soft spot in these tournaments. I QUIT

FT gives and taketh

Took 6th in a 4.40 rush tourney. Played two more.

Bust out Hands

KK down to AQs

AA down to KK K on river


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Home Game

Played at the usual Tuesday night home game. Started out great. JJ on my second hand. I raise and Slick calls dark from the big blind. He says I should bet in the dark on the flop, so I do and put in $3. Flop comes A57os and he flats. The turn brings another 7. Slick thinks and counts out $6 and bets. I think he is making a move with nothing. I am pretty sure he has no ace or seven. I announce raise and put in $15 total. He agonizes and finally folds. He asked what I had and I told him. He said I was sick. Not really, just representing an ace.

Couple hands later get QQ. Tight tight player utg raises it up. Slick calls and I think about re-raising here but tight guy, Justin, started the action and he easily could have me dominated. Flop comes J52os and Justin bets 2/3 the pots. Slick calls. I call. The turn is a beautiful queen. Nuts is nice. Justin now bets out a little over half the pot. Slick thinks and thinks and thinks. He looks like he is about to at least call when he remembers I am in the hand. He looks at me for a while and folds. I push, only had $20 behind. Justin mucks. Said he had AJ. Nice pot and I am up $30.

Card dead. For 3 hours. Just limping with anything remotely connected. Hitting nothing. Any time I had marginal playing hands, it was in bad position with raises before me. No fun. Had beer though so it was ok.

I make really poor calls hoping to catch and I have lost all my money save half of the $40 I bought in with. Loose guy at the end of the table raises it to $2, blinds .25/.50. I call with the monster that J9c looked like. I was in the cut off. The flop comes QT5 with two clubs. Loose guy bets out $2 and I push for my last $16 or so. He calls and I flip over my flush and oesd. The lovely 4c comes on the river and I have doubled up.

I chip up a little to about $50. I am dealt 77. Loose guy raise $2.50. One other player limps and I call. Flop comes Q9 and a beautiful 7. Loose guy bets 3/4 pot, limper raises and I think oh crap I am behind but what are you going to do? I go broke here. I raise all in and get called in both spots. I turn over my cards and they both groan, right on. I hold up. Loose guy never shows. The other guy was trying to get sneaky with pocket kings. I am over $150 now.

I start playing now. I get into another hand with loose guy. I have 97s flop comes J37 with two spades. I call him down the whole way with $15 bets and a $20 bet on the river when my flush filled. He tables AJ for TPTK. No good and I am over $200. He makes those bets with air so there was a good chance that my 7 was good.

I win some other pots along the way and I was up over $320. I end up cashing out at $280 for the night. Not bad on a $39 investment. Was my best home game win yet.

Hey look at this

Monday, June 7, 2010

Very Josies Very Hazy Memory

I just read Josies write up of her bust out hand in the BBT5 yesterday. There was truth to it, but I feel I need to clarify some things.

One, I had just snapped her off the hand before when I raised pf with 77. The flop had come 646 with two clubs. I lead out and she SHOVES all in. Now I should tell you Josie had been pushing us around. Running the table. She had position on us and she was using it like the weapon it is. I think for a bit and it just seemed really fishy. I call all in thinking it was absolute air, the nuts or a flush draw. I decided it had to be air. So... You know go big or go home. Guess what she had. Wait for it. KQos no clubs. I double up and she is left with around 1000T chips. Not dead, but severely wounded.

Next hand. I look down at KJc. Remember, it is basically four handed on a full table. I raise to 150 or so. Josie flats. Flop comes 9x9 with two clubs. I bet out at it and she shoves over the top for around 600 more. Of course I call. I have the flush draw and two overs and it is costing me less than 1/10 my stack. She shows K9 for flopped trips. I suppose I did go runner runner to suck out on her, but it was a solid play.

And for the record Josies K9 vs MorningThunders KJ= suck, re-suck situation.

And Josie, you have been linked.

Always link yourself. Thanks JJOK

And MorningThunder is a tea, not a coffee. A book about Pearl Harbor. Or really bad beer farts when one wakes up in the morning.


P.S. I own you Josie

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am a Star

My first ever head line. Check in out. Josie


Just read my last two posts. Jeez I am a jerk. Sorry about the language. I will do better.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Owe Full Tilt an Apology

I put a little money on Cake poker sit to see what I could see. I signed up for a sit n go that doubled the top fifty percent of the fields money. Short story, I got all in with AJ against 66. Flopped quads and I am out. OK, fine I lost a race.

Signed up for a $3 turbo tourney. In the first half hour I limp with A4h on the button. I flop the gutty and it is checked around to me. I check and take the free card. Hit my gut shot. It also put two hearts on the board. Here we go. There is a raise, re-raise and another min re-raise ahead of me. WTF? I min re-raise and the original raiser moves in. One other caller moves in and me and the other player smooth call. The board is 6532. The river is a beautiful 9h. Can you say NUTS? The other player with chips bets out and I hesitate and shove. He slow calls and I win a monster to take a commanding lead in the tourney. Turns out we all had the 4. Yep all git our gutty. The last player with chips turned the nuts with 47. Ouch. That hand was great.

I proceed to the money in the top two the whole way. Me and one other dude, no one else was close. I then get it in with JT against J7s. He went runner runner for the flush. OK fine, I still have lost of chips and that is why you build a stack. To absorb those suck outs. I play a while and fall down to 8 out of 10. It is short handed and it folds to me on the button> I have A8. Bet half my stack. I am committed. Big blind calls. Flop 239 rainbow. I push. He instant calls with.....A5. River brings 5 and IGH. At least I was in the money.

So Full Tilt. I am so sorry. It is not you. It is the poker gods.

Fuck you poker gods.


Oh just went out in a sit n go. A8 vs Q9h. A22 board runner runner flush.

Really? Sorry poker community, I guess I am not supposed to play.

Free money leaving the building.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AK vs KQ

No good of course. Every time. i am going, I am going FT I get it.

Goodbye Full Tilt

I refuse to get killed anymore. I never hold up, never. The last three sets I have flopped were beaten by turned better sets. That just should not happen. It does. all the fucking time to me. Fuck you Full Tilt. I will leave a little on there to play blogger games and such but that is it. I am gone. I know that is what you wanted. I just was not listening.

I can only get it in ahead so often and lose every fucking time just so much. FUUUUUUUCCCKCKKKKKC


Fuck you