Friday, March 27, 2009

Well Hello

Long time no post

Big day for us KU fans here. Rematch with Michigan State. They pretty much manhandled the Hawks earlier this season. KU is a different team now, so it should be a better game. The prevailing feeling around Jayhawk Nation is any thing past the second round is gravy. Kansas lost all five starters from the National Championship team. (Man, it is still fun to say that a year later). Not many people expected them to make the tourny let alone win the Big 12 and advance to the sweet 16. So hopefully the team plays loose and free.

Poker has been killing me lately. Same old stuff. Get in 4 to 1 favorite and watch the runner runner to counterfeit. Slow play AA and get the guy to go all in with top pair crappy kicker only to watch a third queen to peel off on the river. $300 wins become $250 losses really fast.

I have been trying to put a wrinkle in my game. After reading and reading about the power of the 24, I have deployed it in my arsenal. Results have been less than great. The Grump would say that I just don't believe enough. My faith is weak. Taking this advice to heart I recently gave the old 24 one more try, limping early with the pseudo monster. I prayed a whole lot. Low and behold I rivered the wheel with mini-slick. Have faith and ye shall be rewarded to the tune of exactly 2 blinds. Yep, made a huge dent in the over all profitability of the hand. I think it has just edged past 93os in total profits. It's like Alabama saying, "yeah we are stupid, but we are way smarter than Mississippi".

Played at the Harrah's KC recently. Had AA utg and decided to limp as raises were almost automatic in this loose 1/2 game. Of course 7 of us see the flop. Long story short. Q high board, I bet, get min rasied by younger guy wearing a pencil thin hair head band. I know all he has is top pair and I put him all in. He calls and rivers the Q. He then says "Sorry man" Does anything piss you off more than this occurance? Tip to you shaking hand, sorry types out there. If you beat me in a hand when I outplayed you big time, and you put your whole stack in as a big dog, don't say "sorry". Please, do not shake my hand. Stack your chips and move on. I love all the excuses too. Please!!!!, be quiet and move on. I was already on tilt from an earllier hand when my flopped two pair, A3, got counterfieted by runner runner. I had check raised his flop bet and he tanked finally moving all in while admitting he was behind and needed help. No flush draw, no straight draw.....A9. He put $100 in knowing he was way behind. The point is I snapped at the sorry guy later, and I shouldn't have. When he said he was sorry I told him "no you're not". He said something about being a nice guy while trailing off. Bad for the game. I do not want nice guys turning into me.