Thursday, July 31, 2008

Played a blogger event.....finally

The stars had not aligned for me to play in any blogger events lately. Well last night I put the kiddies down around 8:30. With the wife playing golf, I had time to finally play.

I final tabled it. The Mookie that is. I was last in chips and went out on the first hand. My 88 was no match for QQ. I had a few hands that were interesting. I got all in with JJ vs Riggs AQos and flopped f'n quads. Fun fun. That was directly after two people the hand before got it in with AA vs AK. The chop came as broadway go there on fifth street.

BigSlickNuts had my number all night. I open raise utg with AJos for little over 3x blind. He calls in bb with AT os and flops the ten. Happened again later with me Ace out kicking him pre-flop, but still losing. I returned the favor the very next hand to eliminate some other poor soul. That made it 3 bounties on the night for me. That went a little way towards softening the blow.

Congratulations to J Haze for taking it down. She is one of my favorites.

All in all it was a good time. Hope to do it more often.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Went to the Ameristar on Sunday morning with 3 other guys. We were gonna go to Harrah's but their tourney sold out an hour before we got there. It is $30 buy in with no add ons or re-buys. Their bad beat jackpot is also over 360k. So it was the place to be. The Ameristar's tourney was $40 buy in with $15 re-buy's and one add on. I ran cold. I tried to double up early with a couple of questionable hands but no go. The first hand of the event, I win the button. I get dealt J8os and limp when everyone else does. Flop comes J83. Check around to lady next to me and she bets a smallish $1 into a $2.50 pot. I raise it up to $3 to isolate and it works and she calls to make it heads up. Long story short, she wins with flopped top set. Yep JJ is ok. Then and there, I thought I had a good chance in this tourney. She didn't felt me. She should have. I was going the whole way. But I slowed down after the turn after she raised me. The river brought runner runner hearts and she checked it down. How can she put me on a heart draw here? I was aggressive on the flop with only 1 heart on the board. And how does she limp with JJ here with so many limper's? I worked out for her so I guess she is a genius I end up busting out around 16 with 42 runners. I saw exactly one pocket pair, 99. Doubled me up late. AQ twice and AJ once. That's it. I run goot. I busted with Q7 right after the second break. One ep caller and the sb and me in the bb. Flop comes Q7J. Hallelujah. I am gonna double up . Sb bets out and I go all in. I had all of 3 bb pre-flop. He has Q9 and calls for and catches his 9 on the turn.. Live poker is so rigged. One buddy bubbled the final table with AA. Got cracked by Q6. Too bad because all final table players got $50. Other buddy got the 6 way chop and made a cool $300 profit. Only saving grace for me was that I won $45 playing 3/6 while waiting.

Further example of the play. We are down to 16 and no one has a commanding chip lead so it is just push or fold really. Lady with JJ earlier opens utg with a bet of 2.5 the blinds. There is a call all in and a push all in over the top. She has to call 3500 to win near 26k and she tanks. Me and another guy are wondering wtf she is doing. Really lady you have to call with atc here. Finally she calls and tables AQos. Caller has JJ and the over the top pusher has AQos. Flop of course delivers and Q and there is a chop. I don't like her open bet here. I think it is a push or fold with that hand. JJ guy did what he had to do. The other AQ was a total clown. How do you get your money in there knowing you are behind? He did not last long.

I took 5th in a $3 ko tourney of Full Tilt last night. I final tabled in 7th place. I get near the top in chips when the chip leader makes a big opening bet. Next players pushes all in. Called by the next player. I have KK. I push all in over and the original raiser folds. I though for sure I was against AA. Nope. Just 99 and ATs (donkey). I have to fade 5 outs and cannot. Flop is 933. Ouch. I am now the shorty and wait a while for hands. It comes with AJ on the button with a limper. I push and bb calls as well as limper. Flop is J high and my hand holds up. Next hand AQ. I get doubled again and I am back to second in chips out of 5. Few hands later on the button again AKs. I push. and bb tanks. Now I want a call here. I have him covered by a few bb's. He finally calls off for his tournament life with....can you guess? Q6c. Yep that's right ASSHAT thinks Q6 is the nuts. Of course he flops a flush draw that gets there with the Kc on the turn. I was crippled but came oh so close to climbing out of the whole again. On his call there, how does one do that. He had no where near odds and had plenty of chips. Even if he put me on a button steal what the fuck can he beat with Q6c? JT? That is about it. I had two monster hands cracked that if they went my way I have a great shot at winning.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hand questionI

Played at my home game last night. Up $70. You really must come over and play.

I hit 3 flushes to win my money. The best being with the hammer. We put the 27 rule into effect in that if you win with that as your hole cards, you get $1 from each player. I called a raise and a call of $3.50. Loose I know, but I had position and it was soooooted. 27H. Flop comes A73 with 2 hearts. Original raiser c bets and the loose guy to my right raises to $23. I stand up, knowing I was gonna call. I have a quarter less and say "I call". The original raiser folds AQ and the raiser show AJs. I flip my cards over and tell him this is going to be sick. No suspense as the turn delivered the 9h. "Give me my dollar bitches". It was so sick. So awesome. No one had come close to winning with that hand for that amount of money. The loser kind of gave me shit for doing it. I said it was worth the gamble for the bragging rights.

The question involves the above loser and another player. I make a loose call of $3 raise with A4s with position. The flop comes A89 with 2 spades. $7 bet by ep. Loser and I call. Turn is 5 hearts. $10 bet by ep called by loser and me. I know what you are saying. The odds are out of whack for this. These were the 2 loosest guys at the table and I knew I would be paid if my hand hit. I had any flush card and any 4 to make my hand, in my mind. 2s comes on river I value bet for $10 and get paid by both. Barely. Loser almost folded. Ep had AJ and the loser had rivered two pair. No ace.

One of the guys at the table questioned me not making a stronger move with top pair and nut flush draw. How do you play this hand?


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last Night

Home game again. Won $50.

The table was very loose. I made quads on my first hand. Got paid.

4th hand in I limp on the button with 45os in nearly family pot. Flop comes T67 rainbow. Checked around. Turn is the 4th lucky charm in the form of the 8 of hearts. I made my straight. Sb leads out for $2 into a $3.50 pot. BB smooth calls and folds around to me. I pretty much insta-fold and show my cards to John. He is a solid player with ideas on going pro. He looks at my cards and then realizes I folded the straight. He couldn't believe it. He said he would have to raise to see where he was at. I said I absolutely knew I was dead. Sb ended up having the stone cold nuts with J9. John said it was a sick fold.

So who is right here? I told him that the smooth caller pretty much sealed the deal. And, who is betting into a board that coordinated with anything less than a straight? The smallish raise was screaming for a re-raise. He said it was a small bet and raising it up a little defines my hand. I wanted to get money in at a better place. John's attitude is what makes this game so good. Everybody is trying to make hero plays when it is so easy to sit back and wait until you have them dominated. I would have just bled off chips.

Anyway, couple of other hands of note. I limp utg with QQ, knowing the raise was coming and get my wish when it is popped to $3.50 by mp. Call, call,call, call. I move all in and take it down. I told him the only person I was worried about was the original raiser. If he folds, I know I am good. Most of them argued with me and said the original raiser was loose and the calls behind him could have been super strong. I told them it was a textbook poker play and that the lesson was over. I would have made the same move with AT as well.

Had 9Th. Went runner runner to boat over straight. They let me get there. AQ9 flopped checked. T turn checked. 9 river I bet pot and nut straight smooth calls me. Good call. If I knew he was that strong I would have check raised him...oh well.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just tearing it up

Man I am kicking July's ass. What is this my 4th post? Hoy has got nothing on me. Congrats to Iggy on his run in the main event. Too cool. Never met the guy. Nevertheless I was living vicariously through him thanks to Pauly. Lets see, what else do I know...I tried one of Astin chicken recipes. Delicious. Learned about some poker gems from the Poker Grump. The Vegas Year has been indefinitely extended. I am trying to learn to play tournament poker like LJ and Lucko. Really wish Waffles would get interesting again. I am feeling bad about my mortgage loan,.. thanks Alan. I am glad my kids came single shot unlike JJ and PP. I wish I had Al's life.

I missed some, I know.............. Blow

Took another hundred off my home game. Up big over last two months. These are the same guys who say they make big money at the casinos. Maybe they are just bored at the home game. I like to think I rock. Yeah, lets go with that. I rock everybody. Deal with it.

Question of the day, or lets say week.

Assuming there is a Capra-esque afterlife. All the people who have died and gone to heaven can see what we are doing. Do you think my relatives are appalled by my porn habit? Is my Grandmother gonna give me hell when I go. I get up there and she's standing by St. Peter, shaking her head is disgust, shaking a finger at me. Telling me she's surprised it didn't fall off and that I can still see. Introducing me to all her friends and getting all of their knowing looks. Man that is gonna be awkward.



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Flopped Straights Always Win

Not really. It seems that whenever I flop one in live play, I lose. Invariably, I check the flop, trying to let someone catch up. The turn gives them 9 outs and they bet. I raise to eliminate draws and they call off their stack and punish me on the river.

Not last night. The home game was at my place due to the normal host not wanting his mother and brother to know that he is a degenerate. The beer and cards would be too much for the visiting kin folk, let alone the MaryJane. I complete in the small blind with 97os. Flop is JT8 rainbow. No check for me. I bet the pot. 3 folds and the button smooth calls. 8 on the turn. I am pretty sure I am still ahead, but this is Mookie. No not this guy, different Mookie. He will float with anything, but I am almost sure he re pops it on the flop with any two pair. I think a while and check. He bet 2/3 pot. River is the 5c and I bet $10. He fumbles his chips and raises $15. I insta call and his turned trips are no good. He was floating a pot bet with bottom pair and a 4 kicker. I love that guy. He pays me every week. Probably should have pushed on his re raise here, but I did not have the nut straight. That and the paired board slowed me down.

He payed me again later when I limp then pay $2 in ep with 33. 4 to the flop and the door card is a beautiful 3. Is there anything prettier in poker than hitting your set holding a baby pair? It is checked around to the button who bets the pot. Cold called by original raiser, Mookie, in the big blind. I push all in for $18 more. The button whines a little and said he knew I was strong when I checked in ep on the K high flop. He reluctantly folds and Mookie tanks for a while and even says I probably have a set. In the end he calls, because he was up and he likes to gamble. He turns over JTos and is dead to runner runner. 4h on the turn and the hand is over. The button says he folded AK. He is a strong player. Anybody else at the table and I triple up.

Wound up $100 for the night. Gifted $17 to the strong player on the last hand. Fun fun fun.

Internet poker continues to kick my ass. I guess I will have to play more live. Keep Internet for taking shots at big scores in tournaments



Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

To all my countryman, have a safe, semi sober day and weekend.

To my Canadian friends, get back to work.



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cash games

I can not get it going playing cash games on Full Tilt. First hand in bb i get KK. Raise by cut off and call by sb 4 ties the bb. I push all in for $4. Small stakes table. Original raiser calls me with 9Tos and sb calls with Q8os. I flop the set and lose to runner runner clubs to the sb. I go from a hammer lock on the hand, to getting violated on the river. In my head, I am screaming at the guy like waffles. I opt to only type the eloquent and succinct, "fuck you". Sometimes less is more.

Any way, I am getting torpedoed on the virtual felt. Luckily I still run goot at the home game. Posted a $12 win last night. Was up over 50 but talked a shorty to push over my flat call of an all in. He said, while pondering, that I had priced him in with his flush draw. I said if you are gonna call, you should just push all in . He did and flushed out on the river to take $20 from me. I had top pair and the all in guy had an under pair. I will take that bet all day.

Got 4 pocket pairs all night and flopped a set with all of them. Lost when my limped 22 lost to flopped nuts on 246 board. Flush filled on the turn and I lost the absolute minimum there. But it knocked me down to only $15 up. 56hh was winner again. Raised utg with it and got the same guy I bluffed with it last week to call. Flop comes 79Q two hearts. I go all in and he says good bet and folds AJ. Not much else. Flopped a boat. On limped board of QQ4. I had 44. Folded around to me in position and I bet $3 at it praying for someone to have the Q. Get one pusher with $5. He was on a flush draw and drawing nearly dead. If only he had more money.

The new fiscal year started July 1st. So I guess the year of the Jayhawk is officially over. Man it was fun.