Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Do Not Get It #1

Jennifer Lopez?

Vegas Baby!!!!!

Leaving on a jet plane in about count em, nineteen hours. Gonna hang downtown mostly. Gonna see if I can run into the Grump. Staying at the 4 Queens. Watching some basketball and playing some poker. Everything is perfect except my Jayhawks blew it.

I play basketball on Mondays at a local elementary school. We always go to Henry T's afterwards. We walk in and see Bill Self and his wife eating dinner at a booth across the way. Our table buys his dinner. Pretty soon our waitress comes by and starts setting down two beers in front of each of us. He bought us two rounds each. Sweet. After dinner he comes over to thank us. He tells us his wife said it was a pity dinner. Too funny.

Have to hand it to him. Not two days after what might be the most disappointing loss in Kansas history, he is out in public. He is a class act. Some local sports talk radio callers have been roasting him. They question how good of a coach he is. Name me more than five programs that would not take him over their current coaches? Can't do it. I take him over anybody. He is 47 and a great recruiter. He is just getting started.

But I digress. Vegas here I come.