Sunday, February 28, 2010


Quad screen shots and some other fun ones

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Big day here. First screen shot ever. It is special

Nice to see it happen to me. Kind of restores my faith in the game. Funny I know

As it seems to happen all the time, the player with the best hand pre-flop ends up in last place.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Overheard my 3 year old daughter talking to 4 year old friend.

"Lucas lives in your nose." "Do you know what you take to get rid of lucas?"

Friend, "uh uh"

Daughter. "Super lucas"



Too funny.

Ben Folds

Went to see Ben Folds a while back. He was playing liberty Hall in Lawrence. Kate Miller Heidke opened for him. I can not recommend her more. Felt like we were given a gift at $35 a ticket.

Ben Folds is probably my favorite artist. His music speaks to me. I think he is a musical genius. I like his profanity. I like his humor. I named my daughter Gracie. Some might call it a man crush. Fine. I can live with that.

I had plan to pseudo stalk him that afternoon before the show. I had a couple of free hours and I was gonna haunt downtown streets, hoping for the "run in". Ben is from Chapel Hill and I think Lawrence has the same feel. He often says in concerts near but not in Lawrence that he is quite fond of it. Multiple friend have run into him downtown the day of shows.

Well kids got sick and I had to do that instead. Bummer oh well. Still going to the show. Turns out a long time friend was getting her kids hair cut downtown and Folds walked in to the same joint to get his own trim. Jealous? Fuck yeah. Remember, man crush. Saw the picture on a social networking site. Screw you Karen.

Wife and I went to the show. Like I said Mary Kate Heidke, Super Bonus. Folds was great too. I like just him and the Piano, especially at the more intimate venues like Liberty hall.

Decided to go eat at Freestate Brewery next door. Had a beer and apps and then left due to the strange music choice. Rap. At Freestate. Really. Ask Pokerpeaker. Really strange choice. Not the Freestate vibe at all. It was extremely loud too.

Anyway we leave and head down Mass street to our car. We cross 7th street headed south. Liberty Hall sits on the corner of 7th and Massachusetts. How the hell does one spell cady corner. Cati corner? Caddy corner? Kati corner. I don't know but caddy corner to Liberty Hall is the Eldrdge Hotel. As we cross the street we notice all the "groupies" surrounding the tour bus. We kind of laugh as we step up on the curb and looked at each other as we kept walking. A man had come across the street from the hotel and passed us as we cleared the stop light pole. We walk a few more paces and the groupies erupt. We look back to see what the clamour was about. The man who passed us was pulling a suit case on wheels and had almost reached the Liberty Hall side. Yep Ben Fucking Folds. He passed so close to us we could have kissed him.

Just shook my head in disbelief. My wife looked at me and said "You do love me!"