Saturday, October 18, 2008


Coolest web site I have seen in a while. You need to check it out. Sign up through this link and help me out.

It is a betting web site. The cool thing. It is free. They give you .10 to start. They match your bets initially and give you overlays as your bank builds. The whole thing is advertising driven. You look at a banner to get the overlays. Utterly brilliant. Wish I would have thought of it. Once your roll gets up to $20.00, you are eligible to cash out. You go bust, they give you another .10.

If you sign up a friend, you get %5 of each others action. You can see what all your friends have bet on.

One friend of mine has turned his ten cents into $3 in about 3 days.

Check it out


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bloggers are Donkeys

Don't know what was in the water tonight, but I got ass raped by the blogging community. Followed by "gg". Yeah, I played a good game, you were ass hats. An evil wonk got me tonight in the mookie. He calls a 3x bb raise in the bb with J3s. Then check raises on the fucking draw and hits on the river. "Sorry". Yeah, whatever.

Then I played the dookie and I guess you just call down with underpairs and fucking hope you hit a straight or flush or what the fuck ever.

Get in ahead and lose all fucking night long.

Fuck you donkey's GG right. Sorry. right. Bloggers are donkey's.

That felt good


No longer channeling waffles.