Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rare "Sport" post

I don't know if anyone really cares about this, but here it goes.

Nebraska vs. Kansas

Jayhawks lost 31-17. Blow out, right? Not really. KU lead with ten minutes to go 17-16. They pooched kicked and got the return stuffed down their throats. NU scores a TD and two point conversion to go up by seven. Okay. Kansas gets the ball back with a few ticks over six minutes left. They had all three time outs. KU starts passing like there is only 2 minutes left. They go three and out and have to punt.

Pissed. Pissed because the previous go ahead drive KU had was a result of running the ball. Opuram was getting four yards a pop (at least) on the vaunted Nebraska defense. And guess what? The passing game blew wide open. KU's coaching staff needs their heads examined. Six minutes is an eternity. Especially with all three time outs left. RUN THE BALL.

Don't fucking panic and stick with what fucking works. FUCK. Win a damn game please. Coach please. Take responsibility please.

I have said it before. You give Bill Snyder the talent that Kansas has and he wins at minimum 10 games. EASY. Probably 11. Only loss at Texas. KU has at least four players on the roster that will play on Sunday's. K-State has maybe one.

No excuse for the train wreck this season has become. KUAC built state of the art football facilities. Mangino and staff are in the top ten highest paid staffs in all NCAA football.

Stop blaming the players and do something to earn you millions.