Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We hit the bad beat

It happened. Jackpot $205,195. My table share. $6415. Three see the flop. 9s8s7h. Turn 8d. River. 6s. The oesfd was ahead on the flop and bet first. He has Ts7s. $15 on the flop into the pre flop limped pot. The set of eights 8c8h flats. The third guy with JTos bumps it to $30. The oesfd then does a crazy ass stupid thing, he moves all in for around $600. You get that? He bets that much into a $60 pot. The set guy now has a problem. He has $400 behind He tanks aaaaaaand folds. Oesfd guy effectively cost himself $52K. The quads guy lost $102K. He couldn't handle it and left soon there after.


Monday, August 5, 2013

AA Hold

Decided to set aside family time and play Friday night at Hollywood. I usually play during the day with all the old time grinders. Friday night brings out the casual player with casual money. I walk into the room and notice a big check sitting at the floor station. Damn. The bad beat was just hit. $304K and some change. I get a 1/3 seat immediately Second hand there I get KQ suited in middle position. I limp to see where the table is. Five of us see the flop of J T 3 rainbow. I take a stab with my straight draw and win. Two hands later I have ATos It is straddled on the button I limp. Two other callers to the button. The button, whom I have played with often, raises the $6 straddle to $30. Normally this is an pretty quick fold. But I have info on this guy and he over bets his weaker hands. The other two callers call so I go along for the ride. The flop is A Q 3. Checked to the button who thinks then moves in for $130 more. The others fold. I go with my read and make the instant call. 8 and 9 complete the board. He declares one pair and show A 4 My hand holds and I am on my way.

I get AA soon there after. I get my $15 bet called by a clearly recreational player on my right. We see the flop heads up Ad Jd 6c. He surprises me my betting into me $15. Now with experienced players this is them just trying to take the pot with the ace scare card on the board. This guy is not experienced. He has caught part of the board and is betting his hand. I decide after a bit to raise my top set to $50 My feeling was he had two pair or possibly a smaller set and was not going anywhere. Outside chance he was on a flush draw. He obliged and called. The turn was a ten. No diamond. I pushed and he called. River is the King. AQ just got there. I showed my set and he mucked saying he had the last Ace. Up to $800

Get AA again. Win a small pot. Get it again later. Raise to $15. Lady on the button hems and haws. Then stacks up her $130 and moves in. I am surprised when another player moves in for about the same. I flash my cards to my neighbor and tell them I have a bad feeling about this. I call. I am up against AK and JT. AA holds and I am cruising.

Lose some back. Lose some more. Back down to $800 Seriously considering leaving soon. Get 7s8s on the button Four limpers to me. I limp with my position. The blinds come along. Flop is Kc 5s 6d. Checked to me. I take a stab at it with my draw. Called in three places. The guy to my right comes alive and raises it to $50 I tank for a bit. I have observed his play since he sat down. This is a guy who is willing to play any two cards. He is aggressive and is not afraid to get his money into the middle. I decide to call. We are now heads up. The river is the 9c. Gives me the nutz. He promptly puts in $130 more. He has a little less than $200 behind. I put him in and he calls instantly. My hand holds against his 65os I am up to $1300 I call it a night soon after and go home.

Wife is waiting up for me at 12:30 am.

Very good night.