Thursday, April 29, 2010


Running better. I got smacked in the face by the deck early and often. Twice I got open shoved into by 44 against my AA. I hit sets, flopped straights. I had one really bad suck out that got me going to the final table. I limped utg with 66. Many callers. Flop 628 all clubs. We get it in on flop I think and he of course has the flush. I river the 2 FTW. I got a big lift from LJ. She was really aggressive. She raised ep and I called with 88 in the BB. Flop QT8. She bets and I think for a while and over push all in. She hesitates and calls with AT. I hold and I am in first and almost gauranteed the final table. I go on to bust LJ with TT vs some overs.

I reach the final table second in chips. Then I go card dead and the eventual winner and chip leader was on my right and just punishing me with raise after raise. I finished in fourth. Ties my best finish in the Mookie.

Twas fun. Probably the best chance I will get to reach the TOC.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010


I am running like waffles lately. Started against BadBlood in the Mookie. I had QQ in ep and thegroupie open raised utg. I call and BadBlood calls in the BB. Flop comes low and BadBlood bets ot. Thegroupie folds, I push and Badblood calls. Here is what happened

I swear after that, for the next ten time 77 was involved with a hand I was playing, I lost. I lost holding it against AK. I lost after flopping a set with 77 to runner runner flush. I lost every time. I blame BadBlood.

Otherwise the same old thing. Get it all in with AK against an under pair and lose. Strike that reverse it, lose some more. Fuck you Full Tilt.

Feeling better now.

See ya at the Mookie, maybe.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hey! Ho! Let go!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mookie Fun

I played the Mookie last night. Thirty seven or so bloggers showed up for the fun. I actually hit a few hands and stole a few pots along the way to the final table and a fifth place cash. SEE

I benefited greatly late in the tourney as a short stack. I moved in ep with A9os and got instant min raised by a chip leader. I knew I was dominated as his min raise gave me some protection. All folds around and he flipped over 43os. Ace on the flop and I make the final table. I get short again and get a double through NYRambler. My KK held against his AQos. I held on and thankfully two lower middle stacks got into it and I got the cash. I went card dead at the end besides the KK and consider myself lucky. Happy to play for a while and cash.

I heard on BDR last night the BBT5 is coming. Woot Woot. Hope it is true.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Un Jinxed James

The one or two readers here may remember a post way back when about jinxed James. He tended to play poorly at our home games. Read alcohol and smoke induced. Furthermore, when he did play well, it seems he would always get out drawn in the most horrific manner. Bad beat after bad beat. James went to Vegas and got "un" jinxed.

We roll into town, James, Pat and yours truly, about 8:30 a.m. Dropped our bags off at the 4 Queens and headed over to Binions. We all decide to play in the 10 a.m. tourney. This really amounts to a three table sit n' go but it was fun.

I started out running hot in cards but getting little to show for it. For the twenty minutes I was in the tourney I saw QQ get out straightened. AK and AQ out flopped. TT win a small pot. JJ win pre flop. And AA get no action. My bust out hand was AT. I was in the big blind. It is limped around in 4 spots plus the small blind. The first limper looked like he wanted to raise pre flop but did not. The flop comes ATT. Gin!!!! I check and the strong guy picks up chips to bet and then just checks. I am pretty sure he has an ace. I am formulating in my head how to extract value. Turn is so ugly....A. I bet out he puts me all in and I call. Every one else goes away. He flips over AK and says like a donkey asshole that my ten is no good. I show him my flopped full house and told him AK got lucky. Of course the K hits the river and I go kick a slot machine. But enough about me. This is about James.

The other guy we went with busted out a little after me. We then sat down and played the highly entertaining, and maddening game that is 2/4 limit. I would periodically check on James and he was always short. Nitting it up. I checked with about 16 left and on break and he had less than one big blind. I told him to just push with any two cards blind. Alas he did not take my advice. Next thing we know he is at the final table, but a shorty. Then he is in the money, but a shorty. Then he is in the final three, but the shorty. Then he is chopping for the win. Did I mention he was a Vegas virgin. He is in town four hours and wins a tourney. He nets over $300, $50 gift certificate to the steak house and a t-shirt.

Fast forward on our last day. I run KK into AA and lose a big pot. But I did not go broke. It was a local and I was pretty sure he was huge. Anyway, James gets AK and calls $50 plus bets down to the river and scoops a plus $300 pot against super agro donk overplaying A7os....tourist.

James had a good weekend. I lost about $400. It was fun. Sort of.