Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Games at a Home and a question.

Played at my home game last night. Chipped up. Had fun. Got down to the next to last hand of the night. I had A2 os in the small blind. It goes 5 handed to the flop un-raised. Flop comes AA4 with two spades. I have the 2 of spades. I check. Cut off bets $7 at the pot. Button flat calls. I have $63 behind me. What do you do?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ultimate bet

The story made MSN. About time.


Mookie again

Final tabled the Mookie last night. Carmen won the thing. Congrats. I finished 6 and ITM for the second week. Oh what might have been. I think I should be co champ with her. Seeing as how I gave her nearly all of my chips. Yeah, I am officially considering myself the co champ. Half a title is better than none.

I finally got grade A cards in this thing. I had final tabled 3 times before but had to fight and scrimp to do it. Not this night. I got AA and KK in the blinds when ALWAYS overly aggressive players in late position where pushing. And they held up. I went from 43 of 43 to 1 or 2 when the final table started. Now I gotta give Carmen credit. She was on my left and EVERY time it folded to here in the SB or the button, she raised. I played back a few times and won. I smooth called with AQh in the BB and hoped for a good flop. Flop came 89K with two hearts. She bet out and I pushed. I had a two to one chip lead on her. She had KT. Turn a T to give me a gutter. River was a blank. I went from first to 3rd. I took a shot at being a huge chip leader and lost. She continued to punish me and I took a stand with K3 while in last place. She of course had AJ and Ighn. I like my push here. She had been really aggressive in these heads up situations, I thought I easily could have been ahead after the flop. The nut flush draw made it a no brainer in my opinion. And I only fell to 3rd, still way in the thing. What would you do?

But the worst beat of the night came in the push fest. There were 7 or so of us in the thing. All but emtyman were on the same starting table. Pushes around 1st hand. I have 99 and it holds up. I have nearly 10 grand. Emptyman gets moved to my table. Second hand, I had K high, he had J high. Of course he wins. I can;t do the same next and go out. Do you think FTP is on to the push fest. We were all on the same table, save one. Then the only 2 players left get moved to the same table. Just another example of how rigged online poker is. Hehe

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had specific goals going into the most recent edition of the Mookie. Knock out Hoy...Check. Finish ahead of Waffles....Check. Get knocked out in 5th place to the eventual champion on a coin flip that gets re sucked out on the river...Check. Congrats to heffmike on a job well done.

I got AK once the whole tourney. JJ once. TT twice in a row, one to knock out the final table bubble. I got 77 a gillion times. Won once. Saw AQ twice, folded once. AK once.. no action. No, repeat, no premium hands save one QQ early that got cold called by AQ. Of course one of the 12 Aces in the deck flopped. I fired 2 bullets then gave up on the river. I was 44 of 44. I came back to win $43. I rule.

I hit the final table and go absolutely card dead. Astin I am not. Every time I had a stealy hand, it got popped ahead of me and had to fold. I lost with KQs vs AT sb vs bb battle. I flopped a king and lost on the river. Fun times

Moving on

Does anybody else have a zombie contingency plan? I do. You should. Cuz, fuck, it could happen. Be prepared. Mine is pretty simple. I get a shot gun. Get some ammo. Put it in the attic. The access panel is in Thunderboys closet ceiling. Zombies show up, grab the kids and head to the attic. Try to convince the wife she should ascend last as she has the smallest brain. I kid. I kid. I have got a mini fridge and generator up there. Dry goods out the ass. Tons of water. Toilet paper and all. I can last for years. No zombie is gettin me. It becomes a waiting game. The zombies are going to run out of food, ie brains. Then they gotta hit the easy animals. You know, opossums and the like. Squirrels are gonna love it. They will start messin with the zombies. Chucking walnuts at them. Running in front of zombies will replace running in front of cars.

Ok. If I ever see him, I am gonna hit Numbono in the fucking head. All I want is some Bee Gees on BDR. He, or whom ever is in charge, keeps wanting to listen to U2's Walk On all fucking night. Damn it, give me the brothers Gibb. We get it, U2 is great. Just stop stuffing it down my throat.

I am sorry. So sorry. That is the box of wine talking.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prairie Band Fun Time

Well hello there. Sorry to be away awhile. Not much poker to talk about until today.

I went up to the Prairie Band Casino north of Topeka. Formerly Harrah's. Me and a buddy went to play in the 1 a.m. $35 buy in $20 re buy tournament. Let me just say the people playing there were way less than good. What do you expect from a 1 a.m. tourney?

The first hour I saw AK once, raised and took the blinds. I folded for 30 minutes after that and finally saw QJ in mp. It looked like the nuts after the crap I was folding. I raised and got 2 callers. I have played 2 hands in about an hour and get called. I c-bet and took it down. I then limp in mp with;T9os and see a flop of 973 rainbow. Sb raises and I push for 2 times his raise and he calls with ATs in spades, no spades on board. I double up into the break. I add on and have $55 invested. I have 2700 in chips after starting with 1200 so I feel OK about my position.

I get back after the break and go on a tear. I get AK 3 out of my first 6 hands. I bust a lady who had bought in for $115. AK took down her JJ. There was a guy who was just killing the table. He had shown down good hands the whole way and was just outplaying us all. I look down at my best hand of the tourney, KK. I limp utg knowing that the shortie to my left was going all in every other hand and that the big stack loved playing for peoples stacks. I got my wish and the shortie pushed. Big stack raises to isolate and it is folded to me. I think for a second, almost sure I was ahead. I push all in for about 2k more and the big stack instant calls. Now he was priced in, but I thought he would at least think about it. I thought he had AA. I flipped over my kings, and he groaned. He had JJ. Shortie had A3 diamonds. The flop came out and the beautiful door card was a king. I had to sweat runner runner diamond possibility, but in the end almost doubled up. The big stack just lost it. He was still the chip leader of our table and maybe 2nd in th tourney. He went on super monkey tilt. All in every hand until he busted. Literally gave almost every chip to one guy at our table. He went on to chop for the win.

A little later I pick up JJ in the bb. Utg +1 raised 3x the blinds. I just call along with another player. The flop came out J73 os. I stare at the the board trying to keep my heart in check. How am I going to play this? I look up and then realize the table is waiting for me. I was first to act. I chuckle a bit and check. The raiser pushes all in, other guy folds and I instant call. Jacks hold and I am the chip leader going to the final table.

Top 6 pay and we get there quick as me and one other had most of the chips.. We get to 6 and an old regular wants to even chop. The other big stacks says it's up to me and I say I would like to play a bit more. You know, I had 20k and 4 of the players had 4k or less with 300/600 blinds.. I pointed at the chip leader and told him he was stupid if he wanted to chop. He just chuckled. Ever time someone went out the old guy asked for the chop like we were crazy for not doing it. Every time someone went out, they did so at the hands of a me or the other big stack. I was not about to give up that much equity. We finally get 2 handed heads up and then I ask for the chop. 1st was $505 and second was $258. I told him it was a good chop. He had me out chipped 45k to 35k. Blinds were 2k/4k. Two blind steals in a row made me the chip leader. It was a crap shoot. He said yes and we each got $386. I was a better short hand player than him and he said so. If the chips had been reversed I would have played on. It marked my first "win" and cash at a live tourney.

Next day we played at Harrah's KC. I have a question, if anyone cares. Board of T973 rainbow. You hold QQ. And you are almost positive that the villain in the hand is on an OESD. There is $100 in the pot. Do you over push for $400 all in to price them out or bet about the pot and see what happens?

Oh and I was playing $1-2. I am in the big blind and it gets folded around to the button who bets $15. Small blind calls. I look down at AA. I count out $50 to raise. I put it out on the table and looked down to see that I had inadvertently placed a black chip on top. I told the dealer it was a mistake and he said it was a binding bet. I was outwardly upset and said I did not mean to do that. It was true. I wanted a call. I thought the button was betting with a decent hand and wanted the action. The button thought a minute and announced all in. Sb folds and I obviously call. I turned over my hand telling him I was not angle shooting. I felt horrible. He had QQ I won and he told me my protesting at putting that black chip in convinced him I was weak. I apologized again and took his chips.