Friday, May 11, 2012

More run crappy

Play a home game with a lagtard. He has been pushing the table around. I get AKos and limp. He makes it $12. I push for $120 more he calls with 63c. He turns a 6 to beat me. Go to Hollywood just now. Get TT in small blind multi limped pot. I just call. Flop is Th8h4d. I check. Old dude bets $20. One caller I raise to $100. Old guy says call and puts all his chips in. He meant all in. Othe guy folds I put him all in for $60 as the turn is pealed. Qc. The river is the 9 of diamonds. I flip over my set. He looks and says damn I missed my flush and goes to muck. He then last minute decides to flip his hand over. Jh6h. He runner runnered the straight. He had no idea Two hands later I get my last $100 in with AKos. TT beats me and ighn. I lovingly hate this fucking game.