Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well this guy has been espousing the virtues of the mighty 2-4. I had been a reluctant convert to the cult of the 2-4. Well not anymore. Thanks to the Poker Grump, and a great hand last night, I will never doubt it again.

I have been running poorly at my home game as of late. Getting beat when I "think" I should win. Therefore leading to my poor play. Cause dang it, I'm due. Well last night was poker night. It started off OK but then turned into a grind. Hitting no hands. Even the hands I folded were not hitting. Then it happened. The 2-4 hand.

I am in the cutoff. Nine handed table. 4 limpers to me I call. Button calls. Blinds calls. The big blind makes it three more to go. I should tell you it is a .25/.50 game. Calls all the way around to me I call, you know, pot odds. Button calls and the small blind folds. Lots of money in there. I start chanting in my head, "come on 2/4. Come on 2/4." Over and over. The flop answers me with 3 5 8 with two hearts. Not bad, but predictably annoying. You know. Poker. I am resolved to paying a high price to draw because it is getting late and dang it, I'm due. Then the greatest thing happens, I get a walk. I was dancing in my head. That's where I am with this game. A free draw feels like a win. I know, I know. It's all one long excruciating session. Well it should not be. It is just not fair.


ACE OF DIAMONDS. Can you say money card. I have soiled myself. Heart pounding like a..oh I don't a jack rabbit caught in a bug zapper. Anyway. It is checked to me. I bet 3/4 the pot. Original raiser flat calls. Everyone else scatters like a recently liberated jack rabbit running from a bug zapper.


ACE OF SPADES, Bleh. Really fun card. Right? Only card that would have been better is the ace of hearts. Small miracle. Well I would like to tell you that I bet $10 at the pot. I only had $11 left after that. I would like to tell you that I got check raised all in. And that I called and he showed AK for a really pretty second best hand. Yay me right?. Well I will then, because that is what happened. He never saw it coming. No way he puts me on that hand. It was awesome. He thought it was a kicker race. No sir that was just a good old fashioned 2/4 butt kicking.

Thanks Poker Gods.

And thank you Poker Grump.

I believe.