Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well this guy has been espousing the virtues of the mighty 2-4. I had been a reluctant convert to the cult of the 2-4. Well not anymore. Thanks to the Poker Grump, and a great hand last night, I will never doubt it again.

I have been running poorly at my home game as of late. Getting beat when I "think" I should win. Therefore leading to my poor play. Cause dang it, I'm due. Well last night was poker night. It started off OK but then turned into a grind. Hitting no hands. Even the hands I folded were not hitting. Then it happened. The 2-4 hand.

I am in the cutoff. Nine handed table. 4 limpers to me I call. Button calls. Blinds calls. The big blind makes it three more to go. I should tell you it is a .25/.50 game. Calls all the way around to me I call, you know, pot odds. Button calls and the small blind folds. Lots of money in there. I start chanting in my head, "come on 2/4. Come on 2/4." Over and over. The flop answers me with 3 5 8 with two hearts. Not bad, but predictably annoying. You know. Poker. I am resolved to paying a high price to draw because it is getting late and dang it, I'm due. Then the greatest thing happens, I get a walk. I was dancing in my head. That's where I am with this game. A free draw feels like a win. I know, I know. It's all one long excruciating session. Well it should not be. It is just not fair.


ACE OF DIAMONDS. Can you say money card. I have soiled myself. Heart pounding like a..oh I don't a jack rabbit caught in a bug zapper. Anyway. It is checked to me. I bet 3/4 the pot. Original raiser flat calls. Everyone else scatters like a recently liberated jack rabbit running from a bug zapper.


ACE OF SPADES, Bleh. Really fun card. Right? Only card that would have been better is the ace of hearts. Small miracle. Well I would like to tell you that I bet $10 at the pot. I only had $11 left after that. I would like to tell you that I got check raised all in. And that I called and he showed AK for a really pretty second best hand. Yay me right?. Well I will then, because that is what happened. He never saw it coming. No way he puts me on that hand. It was awesome. He thought it was a kicker race. No sir that was just a good old fashioned 2/4 butt kicking.

Thanks Poker Gods.

And thank you Poker Grump.

I believe.

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matt tag said...

well played, congrats.

Too bad you didn't have a full 100 BB on the table, you would have won more.

Watch out playing high "implied odds" type hands like 2-4 with short stacks - the math ends up not working out in your favor. The times you miss and have to fold end up adding up to more money than they few times you stack someone with AK, if those stacks aren't big enough.