Thursday, April 19, 2012

Run goot.

Still on the iPhone. I started using an app called Poker Live Tracker. It's a nice bankroll managing tool My first two sessions in April were $300 and $340 losses. I got back on the plus side with a $61 win I'll take it Got incredibly lucky when KK all in pre flop outflopped AA Then I booked my largest live cash game win ever. $1200. I ran so well. I only miss played QQ against AA. I hit three sets. Got lots of big pairs. Had aces cracked but lost the minimum Followed it up with a $547 win last Tuesday . I run goot

The biggest winners for me where Aces vs Kings three times. Stacked them each time. It just reinforces what I already know to be a leak in my game. Patience. Got to wait for good cards and get paid


Patrick said...

I think patience is one of the hardest things for all of us! :-)



Memphis MOJO said...

Ditto what Patrick said. Patience is easy to say, hard to do.

Rob said...

Agreed that patience is ultra important. That said, I actually was a bit too patient when I switched from 2/4 limit to 1/2 no limit. Once I realized that hands that were playable in NL even tho I would insta-fold them in Limit, I went a bit overboard the other way. Now for me it's all about balance and reading the table.

But for sure, patience is critical. If you do nothing but fold for 4 or 5 orbits, so be it. Trying to make something happen when there's nothing there is a recipe for disaster.

Good thoughts!

~Coach said...

Great month...