Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Played again. Up $20 for four hours work. Yay me!!!

Couple of interesting things.

First was a spat between the 1 and 2 seats. I was in 4 and had a great view. The one seat was unhappy with how the two seat was playing. The two seat had shown down J5, 52, and another crappy hand I cannot remember. He had one with two of them. The one seat is a guy they call $50 Mike. He never buys in for more or less. He literaly only plays the nuts. AK is the worst hand he plays and he gets it in pre flop, hopes to get called and double up. Seat two called him down with AJ suited. Saying "you only play the nuts. I know I am behind, But, I will give you action.". Mike won but I guess this still miffed him. They argue back and forth. The two seat is by far the better player. He tried to steal a pot from me when I was betting the whole way. His line did not make sense so I called. He had ace high. Mike has no post flop game. Mike could not fathom why seat two was doing what he was doing. It was pretty funny to watch.

I get AA on the button. Don't you just love AA on the button? Begging for a pot building raise with multiple callers so you can take down a big pot uncontested. Under the gun raises to $15. Is there anything better the utg raising when you have AA on the button? Gets one caller, seat two. I pop it to $45. Utg says oh well I will give you action and puts it out there. Seat two mucks. Utg then turns his hand over and says good luck. The whole table says whoa what are you doing? He looks down at me and sees the one black chip, six red birds and a couple of singles. He cringes and says he thought I was all in. He has two red 8's. The flop is ten high no 8. I move in and he folds. Nice little pot.


matt tag said...

you could have angle-shot the AA hand a little. "Well, I know you can't call this bet with 2 eights. I'm all in". Make him think you have AK.

MorningThunder said...

Yeah you are right. He was the kind of player that might have called

Memphis MOJO said...

every time you play in a casino, there are stories to tell.

Gary said...

I respectfully disagree with matt tag. Your aces held up, you were rewarded handsomely for it, and you prevented two chances at a suckout that would have made you want to puke. Nicely done.