Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I was playing at Ameristar yesterday. I put my name on the 1/2 list and sat down at a 4/8 limit game to pass the time. Was up a little and down a a little. An incident happened shortly before I left the table. The hand was normal until the right before the turn card. It was bet around and called around to the gentleman seated directly to my right. He was in the 8 seat. I was in the nine seat. As the eight seat was pondering a call, the dealer proceeded to burn and was pulling the turn card off the deck when the eight seat told her to wait, he had not acted. She put the card back on top of the deck. The ten seat immediately said he saw the turn card. Now here is the question. Is the card live still? I do not know what the rule in such a case s. The ten seat was not in the hand. It would have literally been a split second fix. Just as the ten seat said it was exposed, the eight seat said call. Now I know the eight seat did not see the card. I could not see it and I was watching. The one seat could not see it. Only the ten seat could see it, and he was not in the hand. I was not in the hand either. The floor was called. He had them expose the Kd to the whole table. Which was funny because after the floor made his decision and the turn had not yet been exposed, the ten seat declared it to be the Qh. The river was then burned and turned. The Kd was then shuffled into the deck and one card was taken off the top to complete the hand.

I am wondering if this was handled properly? I guess the answer would be collusion. If the ten were in cahoots with a player in the hand, it might make sense. It seems to me he just keeps his mouth shut and move on. If he were in the hand, sure.


Gary said...

Every casino is probably different - I'd guess most casinos leave it up to the brush to use his discretion. But the ten seat was out of the hand; he should have kept his trap shut, IMO.

Having said that I think the brush did the right thing; one errs on the side of caution in the land of scumbaags and angle-shooters.

Josie said...

Do NOT encourage Gary! lol