Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drop by Gas out

Not much going on. Chiefs blew it. San Diego Lost. Denver lost. All they had to do was beat the Raiders and they are playing for the the division next week in Denver. They had two field goals blocked. Does not really matter. Would have been creamed in the play offs even if they beat Denver.

Poker wise not much going on. Went to Ameristar last Thursday with Big Slick. We had to wait on a table so we played a little Pai Gow to pass the time. He had never played before so it was fun teaching him. He finally sits down and the first hand he gets the wheel with a pair of kings up top. Lucky bastard. I dropped about $60 there. Finally get our seats and I get dealt 33 first hand. I am in late middle position so I open raise after it is folded to me. Couple of callers see the flop 245 rainbow. I c-bet. One caller. The turn is gin 6h. Two hearts on the board. I bet $30. He calls. The river is the Jh. Not too scary but still completes the flush. I make it the same bet and he folds. The hand represented all my profit that day. Played four more hours and cashed out up $80. Up $20 for the day.

Slick finished up $300. He only played about an hour. He started having horrible stomach pains. He went and bought antacid. No help. We finally leave and he can barely talk on the way home. He was convinced it was his gall bladder after talking to a medical friend. He was going to go to Walgreens clinic. I talked him into going to a clinic with a real doctor. He calls me couple hours later and it was just bad gas. Haha. X-rays and $180 later he farted and all was better. He ended up $120 on the day.

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Josie said...

LOL gas cost him more than half his winnings - made me laugh in work!