Monday, January 2, 2012

Praad and Me

Prasad and I went up to the Ameristar Friday night. P got off to a rough start. Dropped a buy in early. I chipped down early. Got QQ on my fifth hand of the night. I was in the big blind. It limped by everyone. I raise to $18. Only the small blind calls. He is the youngest guy at the table. The flop was ace high. I bet weak at it. My mistake. He check calls. The turn is a 9. He checks, I check. The river the 9 of hearts. Completes the flush draw and pairs the board. He deliberately counts out $40 and puts it in. It felt like a steal. It looked like a steal. If it were an older player I would fold easily. He was young and it felt like a move. I decide to fold only because it was early and I did not know how he played. I flashed 78 off suit for third pair. He put me on a big pair or AK and when I checked the turn he made the right move. Well done.

I play for a bit and have $$130 in front. I limp in late position with 78os. It is nearly a family pot. Flop is 456 two clubs. Gin!!!! I bet out $7. The button makes is $25. The big blind flats. I push all in for $120 more. The button deliberates and tanks for a while. I am pretty sure he has A2. He finally calls. The big blind shrugs and says he is priced in. He calls. The turn is the 8 of spades and the river is the Q of diamonds. I flip the winner and have both of them barely covered. I more than triple up and am happy happy. The button had 62 of hearts The big blind flopped two pair.

Dealer mishap of the week. I was not involved in the hand. Action is after the flop. Player makes it $30. The button moves all in for $37 more. He announces all in for $37 more. The dealer was talking to someone else and says to the original raiser $37 total. He puts out $7 more for the call. The button objects and she realizes her mistake and fixes it. She looks at me and says something like I just repeat what I hear. No no no!!! That is not your job. Your job is to pay attention and call the action correctly. You clearly are not listening Please do not half ass it. Frustrating.

Funny hand of the night. I was not in it. Utg limps. Next player makes it $15. Button calls. The player next to me calls The big blind calls. Utg moves in for $65 more. The original raiser quickly stacks his chips and moves in. This is done with the confidence that comes only from having aces. The player next to me folds flashing AKs. He knew he was crushed. The button folds The big blind tanks. He has about $65 in front of him. He finally mutters something about being pried in and calls. The original raiser proudly flips over his AA. The flop is Kd Kc 7h. The guy next to me is kicking himself. I told him it was still the right play. The turn in the 4d. The river is the Qd. Utg groans and mucks. Never found out what he had. The big blind peers at the board and after some time flips over wait for it, wait for it, T5 of diamonds. He went runner runner flush with crap to beat him. It was awful. The slow roll. The horrible beat. The AA guy was livid. It was funny listening to T5 justify the call. When there is $400 in there he had to call. In actuality the most he could win was $240 or so minus the rake. Probably not even that much with the utg guy only having $70 or so to start the hand.

Prasad rallied and was up over $400.

It was a good night.

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Good stories. Love them