Friday, January 6, 2012

The Grump

Played at Ameristar yesterday. I only get to play short stints during the week. You know, family obligations and everything.

The game is 1/2. It is full of regulars. I am slowly becoming one of semi regulars. They have seen me enough and recognize me though they do not know my name yet. It is a grind, but that is okay. I like seeing flops.

I am chipping down on this day. I make my gut shot straight and lose to a full house. Down to $130 of my original buy in. I am in late position when I get The Grump It is the 2h4h. I limp for the $2. The button immediately makes it $10. There are three callers so I put in the extra $8. I tell myself I am crazy for playing this hand only because a certain blogger extolls its virtues on a semi regular basis. I see lots of flops but not a many rivers with the mighty 24. The flop comes out 7d 2d 4c. Bingo. Checks to the button who bets $15. Folds around and I call. Heads up. The 4d falls on the turn. Super bingo!!!!. This card is the best card I could hope for. It gives me the third nuts and completes the flush draw. I decide to bet at it. I have played with the button before. He will call here with the nut flush draw or with any two pair. I bet $35. He calls quickly. The river is the 9d. I decide to check, having put him on the flush draw. Usually the regular jump on weakness and will make a stab here. He checks though and tables Qd7h. I guess he put me on the flush draw and was looking for the 7. I missed a bet. He would have called a little something with the Qd.

I am back on the 24 wagon.



lightning36 said...

I am not convinced. I may give it another try or two, though.

Memphis MOJO said...

No faith? I mean what does it take?