Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been on a bit of a dry spell when it comes to flopping sets recently. I had kept a running total in my mind and I had over 40 pocket pairs with out getting the set. Last time I went to the boat with Prasad, I told him this at while at dinner. He came by later and I had flopped a set with 66 but lost on the board of 763. One of the blinds had 45 and I could not catch up. Lost the minimum when a 5 came on the turn and I slowed down.

Last Thursday. Not sets. Barely any pairs.
The drought continued.

Just Tuesday I play again. I sit a t a 3/6 table to pass the time. Play three hands before my 1/2 seat opens up. Sit at seat seven and immediately realize that my $214 buy in was not nearly enough. Apparently the game had been going on all night. There were stacks of $1000, $1500, $800, $700 and a few more in the $500 range. I brought a pee shooter to a tank battle. The only other stack near mine was just under $200 but he doubled up as I was sitting down. I almost got up and went back to 3/6 and just see flops. Ameristar allows players to buy in for up to %75 of the largest stack. I could have bought in for $1,125.00. I just did not have the scratch. I only brought the one buy in. They are always starting new tables in the morning. This is the first one I have seen go all night.

I get KK in middle position. Drunk utg guy puts out two chips with a sloppy gesture. He realizes one is red and tries to take it back. Another player says it has to stand and the dealer affirms this. They tell him not to worry, someone will raise it. I oblige and bump it to $15. I get three callers including drunk guy. The door card is the Ks. Bingo. It is starting to rain. The nest two cards are the queen and jack of spades. Poorly textured flop to say the least. Drunky checks. I decide to check to see what the other guys will do. It get checked around. The turn is a red 9. Not getting better. Drunky bets out $25. I resign myself to call it down unless the board pairs or the case king shows up. It is now heads up. A red 4 hit the river. Drunky makes the same bet. I sigh and call. He says all he has is a pair of queens. I table my set and win. Woot. The best part was drunk guy saying he was trying to be cute with his opening bet. I guess he was angle shooting with AQos. Too funny.

I get pocket queens and slow play them some time later. I flop another set and get some more of drunkys chips.

Drought busted.

Funny annoying moment of the session. Drunk guy and seat 10 get into a pot together. There is some betting and it gets to the river. Drunk guy says you have a pair you win. Seat ten states he has second pair and drunk dude puts his hand over the muck, waiting to see the winner. Ten waits for him to show. They get in a debate. Drunk guy telling him to just show his hand. The dealer steps in and explains to drunky that he made the last bet so action is to him. Show your hand and fold. Drunky kept saying the same thing to seat 10. To his credit seat 10 would not relent. This went on for over a minute. I told drunky to just show his cards or fold. As did the rest of the table. Finally the dealer told him to decide or he would call the floor. He mucked.

I get what the drunk player was doing. I have done it myself. Hold my cards out with my missed drawing hand. Most of the time they flip it and I fold. If they decline I act immediately. No biggie. One time recently I missed my flush and checked down the river with an older man seated right next to me. I tell him if he has a pair he wins and hold my hand out to muck. He decides to play the asshole card and nearly yells at me "then show your hand or fucking fold". I had not had any dealings with him until now. I was taken aback by this outburst. I show my missed draw and tell him thanks for the rules lesson dick. He mutters something about the rules again. I said yeah I fucking know, but up until now it had been a friendly game. All he had to say is show me yours. He apologized later.

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