Thursday, December 1, 2011


Went to Ameristar again to try my luck. Got there around 9:45 in the a.m. and got the last 1/2 seat. I thought I would play it safe for the first round and assess the table. The poker gods had other plans. Third hand in I pick up AA under the gun. I limp in. Now I usually would not do this but they have a busted bullets promotion and there were three left. Two guys to my left raises it to $11. Three callers back to me and I bump it to $45. The original raiser calls and the others go away. The flop is the innocuous 922. I bet out $75. The other dude instant raises. I move all in and he calls. Now there really is no thought to this at all because I have AA. If they are cracked, I get a $100 rebate from the promotion. I flip over my AA and he flips over. Wait for it. Wait for it. Fucking 92os. NO WAY. I am stunned. 99 I could handle. Maybe ever A2 suited. But 92 off suit. I lose of course and have $25 left. I ask him if he new it was coming. He looked at me straight faced and said the dealer was talking about the Montana. And once that happened there was no way he was folding. I told him straight faced that it made perfect sense. My end of the table laughed. I pressed him and asked if I moved in before the flop that he would call. He said yep. Guy next to me whispered "Moron.". Love that guy. And I guess the 92 is called the Montana Banana or something. I got my $100 rebate and played on.

It whittled down to $65 or so. Turns out I was seated directly right of the two biggest aggro dorks I had ever played. with. They bet and bet and bet. I picked up 77 in the big blind and we saw a cheap flop six ways. It flopped A 7 2. Gin. I check. Aggro dork directly left of me bets $11. Called in two place and I call as well. The turn is a 8. I love this board. I have to be getting paid by someone with an ace. I check. Aggro dork fires $15 at it. Folds to me and I move in. He calls and flips over two pair with 82. He played 82 under the gun. Love this guy. I get my double up back to $130 or so.

I get AA again in the small blind. This time no cracked bullets are left. Middle position semi aggro guy makes it $14 to go. It gets called in two other spots. I bump it to $100 flat. Folds around. Nice $45 pot no work.

Float a flop with the gutty. Get there on the turn. Win a nice little pot. Now I am up $25 on the day.

Get AA again. In the small blind again. I love AA in the blinds. Limped around in three places. I am still sitting next to super aggro donk. He had $600 in front when I sat down. That is gone now and he has reloaded $200 twice. He has been sucked out on and is steaming. I make a calculated risk and decide to limp here. I was checking him out in the peripheral and he seemed like he was going to bet. He did not. Damn. Hate 5 handed flops holding AA. Oh well gotta get away if it gets ugly. The flop comes 348 off suit. I check to see what he would do. He bet $22. Folds to me. I smooth call. I hate that flop with him in the big blind. It would have smacked him. I felt I could get a better read after the turn. The turn is a somewhat scary 7. No flush draw though. I check. He quickly puts out $50. I had been paying attention to his betting patterns. When he had a good hand, he always bet around %50 more than his flop bet which would be $33 here. This was an over bet for him and it screamed go away. I thought for a moment and announced all in for $90 on top. He instant called. SHIT. I am toast. He has two pair or some crappy 56. He pushes his chips in and flips over A8 os. Top pair top kicker. I sigh and flip mine over The river blanks and I am up to $350 or so. He soon melted completely down and lost to an old rock holding AA. OR bets. AD raises before the flop. OR calls. AD announces all in in the dark. Flop is A high. OR calls and shows the nuts.

Felt good to flop a set and win. Felt good to have AA hold up most the time.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I cannot accept your story about the 92o hand actually happening. Tell me the truth. Come on, this is not pokerstars.

I want to see a hand history.

MorningThunder said...

I know. I know. I should have taken a photo. The whole table could not believe it. It immediately reminded me of your story I think it was your KK vs the flopped nut straight. If memory serves.

It was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. The best is he was not the least bit embarrassed. I have totally sucked out and dominated others before and admitted I got lucky. He simply thought it was "in the cards". He just knew it was coming.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I can't believe you remember that KK hand. But yes, that's exactly what I was thinking of as I read your post and when I made the reference to pokerstars in my comment above. I had KK and raised preflop, got called by 64o I think it was, and then the flop came down 753 rainbow. On pokerstars, that just seems like par for the course. But in live poker? I don't want to live in the world where that kind of thing goes on.