Monday, December 5, 2011


I live in Lawrence Kansas. Lawrence is basically an extended suburb of the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. One of the neat things about living in Lawrence is our television situation. We are about twenty five minutes from Topeka and forty minutes from Kansas City. Therefore, we get to double dip. Two of each major network, except Fox. This is useful mostly in regards to sporting events. Many times we have four different choices for the NFL or college football.

My wife and I have great friends who live in Olathe Kansas. They were both in our wedding. We have gone on many vacations together. We have been there for the births of our respective children. I go to Vegas with Troy every year. We are close. Jana is an executive producer at Fox 4 in Kansas City. Most of you outside the KC area are probably not aware that the morning weather anchor, Don Harman, took his own life last Tuesday evening. It has impacted the greater Kansas City area in a way that most could never understand. He was greatly loved. He will be missed. He was like a brother to Jana. His loss was no less to her than you or I losing our parent or spouse.

Every year, Troy and Jana, organize a Limo ride around Kansas City to see the inspiring and sometimes creepy light displays. If you get the chance, go see the Country Club Plaza in December. It is pretty cool. Anyway, our annual foray took place this last Saturday. They buried Don Friday. We showed up, left the kids with the sitter, and took off with six other couples. We had a great time. It was what the doctor ordered. At one point we ended up in a neighborhood bar that happened to cater to the gay community. It was some of the most fun I have had in quite some time. We tore up the dance floor and did numerous shots. It struck me as I watched Troy and Jana dancing on the dance floor that they would be more than good. They would be great. They were sad to be sure. But, I was witnessing healing. They were not only dancing, they were connecting. They were laying the foundations. They had lost a loved one, yes, but the break would heal stronger.

We got back to their house and I checked my email. I got an email I was dreading. A high school friend had passed. She had liver cancer. She left behind a husband and two young daughters. She was quite possibly the nicest person I have met. I can not think of one crappy thing she ever did. This is what her husband wrote:

Good Evening Everyone,

With the heaviest of hearts, I wanted to let everyone know that Megan passed away this evening (Sat 12/3) at 9:25pm CST.

Her final struggle was mercifully quick and as peaceful as one could hope for and her passing was no different than the way that she lived her life - completely immersed and surrounded with love. Her parents, her sister and I were with her until the very end. Within minutes, my Mom (who had flown in from Colorado) made it. The girls had a good hour earlier in the day to say goodbye and then came back for one last goodbye. She was also visited by Gina Taddiken when she brought the girls. So, in a way, everyone who has had a hand in helping us was there as well through Gina.

We know that Megan is now in a better place, no longer struggling against this horrible disease. However, we are still so very sad at the unbearable thought of not having the best wife/mommy around. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers that we have received thus far. They have and will continue to sustain us through this dark time.

As soon as I have information regarding the service, I will have it posted immediately.

Love to All,

Healing. Again. It is there in his message. I can feel it.

They are resilient. We are resilient.

Puts busted bullets and sinus infections in their place.

Maybe what was left in Pandoras box was what we needed.


Josie said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. It truly does put one's life into perspective.

thinking of you.


Gary said...

Thanks for sharing this MT. It couldn't have been easy. My condolences.