Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Well HI

Went up to Harrahs yesterday to try my luck at old guy sit n go tourney. I was card dead except for one hand. It is early in the tourney and I get 33. The black ones. I limp in late position and we see a flop five handed. The flop comes the Ten of clubs and the two red 3's. TBQB's. It is funny how unaffected I(and I assume others get) when my quads are flopped. Check like you got nothing. There is no racing heart. No sweating. Just sit back and hope someone makes a full house. No such luck for me here. I won a little from a guy with a small pocket pair.

I bust out in the small blind with 64. We see a limped pot 3 ways. K63 flop. Check Check Check. The turn is a 6. I only have about 1000T left and the pot is 600T. I bet 500. Big blind folds and the other dude smooths. The river is another K and I have to push. Of course he has the K and I go home. I still do not know why he checked that. Almost cost him 1000T. He tried to give me his money.

Went to play cash and immediately was seated at a brand new table. My buddy Cliffy just happened to be there as well. I was up and down $30 either side of my $200 buy in for about an hour. I am a little bit above dead even when I get JJ in early position. I like to limp with jacks a lot. It is a strong enough hand that I can re raise the loose player but weak enough that if I can't re raise, I do not feel like I have made too big of a mistake seeing a flop five handed. We see a flop 5 handed. Bingo Ac Jd 7c. Blinds check to me and I bet a little less than the pot. Fold Fold and the small blind, Cliffy, min raises me. The big blind folds. I think for a bit now. Cliffy is a straight forward player. I never see him get out of line. I know he has a hand, but which one. AA is not really a possibility. He would have definitely raised with that in the small blind. AJ? Maybe, but that is unlikely knowing my holding. A7. Real possibility. KQ clubs. Maybe, but the min raise is a move I would expect in position, trying to get two free cards. 77? Most likely here. I am pretty sure that is what he has. But he could have two pair, flush draw, or the dreaded AA. Probability in that order. I decide to raise it $50 and find out. I want the flush draw gone and I think two pair still calls and 77 is not going anywhere for sure. He calls. The turn was a ten of spades. He immediately bets out $50. KQ clubs? Can't be he would have folded on the flop betting. He never chases. AA is the monster that is creeping out of my mental closet. I can not just call. Fold or push. I am not good enough to fold. I move all in and he calls. He has 77 and my jacks hold. I am not sure what his bet on the turn was all about. He eliminated any chance of folding with it. He later told me he almost folded on the flop, but folding a set is just too hard. He said he thought I had JJ. If so, why lead out at the turn? He must have talked himself into two pair. I do not know.

Anyhoo, I left later that afternoon up $300 on the day. Nice.

See ya

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