Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sci Fi

I am a little bit of a science fiction lover. I like just about anything out of the ordinary. Paranormal to space, I like it all. I recently started watching the new Battlestar Galactica. I had caught a few episodes when it first aired, but resisted liking it due to my love of the first series. As a seven year old, the original was the absolute best. I tend to do that a lot. Mostly for the same reason that no one can do a better cover of a Beatles song. Unless of course it was sung by Ringo. And don't get me started on that turd Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory remains the far superior film to this day IMHO. But I digress.

I love it when I miss out of series like this. I did it with True Blood. Missed the first two years before I discovered my vampire addiction. My wife and I would engorge ourselves in hours of it for weeks. Instant gratification, is there anything better. BG has five seasons. And they are all nearly twenty episodes long. Sweet.

In my young mind, knowing no back story to BG, I always envisioned them finding Earth,the 13th colony, and finding Star Trek. I thought it would be cool that the lost colony started the Federation and turned around and kicked some Cylon ass. Transporter technology alone would ruin the Cylons, to say nothing of shields.

The other scenario I daydreamed about during school involved all three major space dramas. Who would win in a war between BG, Star Trek and Star Wars. I think Battlestar Galactica is toast no matter what. But, who wins between Star Trek and Star Wars. Think about it.

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