Friday, May 27, 2011

Blah Blah Blue?

Played my home game this week. Dropped $100. First hand I got TT and won a small pot. From then on I was in a cold seat. I even moved and it followed me there. I did get QQ one hand and open raised it to $5. .25/.50 game. I get one caller and then the big blind, Carl, thinks and calls. This is the only hand I have or will raise that evening. Flop is 9c7c3c. Carl checks. I check and the other dude checks. Normally I would bet out there, especially if I had the Qc (I did not). Something in the way Carl responded made me think I was in trouble. The turn is the 7d. Carl lead out for $12. I call. The other guy leaves. The turn is the 9c. Carl slows down. I check behind. He flips over J6 of clubs. I start laughing. He looks at me and says "Well the fourth club came". I look at my neighbor and he says "He just does not get it". I asked Carl if he realized it was the only hand I had raised all night. I asked him how much I would have to raise there to get him to fold J6 suited. Carl just does not understand that there is zero value for him getting into hands with me. I am good enough to lay down big pairs. He made a whopping $22.25 on his $5 investment. Horrible. He is why I like his game so much. He is not a poker player. He is a gambler. He often gets big chip stacks and then just gives them away and goes on tilt. I average $100 profit in this .25/.50 game. He is also the guy that likes to play Omaha hi low no limit. Gambling at its best.

Decided to skip Harrahs this week and drive 5 minutes down the road to Ameristar. The guys in my home game have been saying how soft the 1/2 game is there. On top of that the bad beat is 345k. Second bad beat 320k. Third bad beat 305k. I know, I know. I have a better shot at getting in a car wreck but I have been at the table before when the bad beat hit.

Anyhoo. I get AQ in early position on my third hand. I raise it to $11 and get four callers, great. The last caller had limped right next to me on my right and was the last one to come along. He nearly folded. The flop is 3Q3. I like my hand here okay because none of the blinds came along. I bet half the pot. One caller and folds around to guy on my right. He min check raises. I call, Other dude calls. Turn is a 7. Guy on right makes same bet. I tank. I have played with this guy before. He could be making a move with a strong ace. I just could not put him on the 3. I think for three minutes and fold. It was early and you know never go broke with a queen in you hand. The other guy moves all in for $11 more. The guy on my right says good fold. He flopped quads. Other guy had A6. I like that guy. I asked quads dude if he almost folded. He said yeah but there were too many in the pot. Duh. Set mine baby, set mine. Or quad mine. He hit a set with 3's later. His cards.

I was down to $120 then. I dwindle down to $50. I look down at 77. I limp and we see a flop 5 ways. A T 7 rainbow. Cha Ching. I lead out almost the pot, $9. I get min raised by the tightest guy at the table. I put it all in heads up. If he has a set of T's so be it. AT or higher is more likely. He says I guess I call. That is a good sign. I sweat a bit when an ace peals on the river. He flips AJ and I am near $100. I go on to flop sets with T's K's A's and J's. I cash out for almost $300. $250 up from my low point. not bad. The set of Aces was sick. I raise in the big blind and get one caller. Guy's first hand. Flop is AQ4 two hearts. I bet half the pot. He calls blank on turn. I bet half the pot and he moves in. I call. He has AQ. Sick for him.

All in all I played well. I did donk off $55 with AQ. I should have raised pre flop. Flop is 8Q8. I bet and one guy min raises me. I call and the turn is an Ace. I call all the way down and of course he had the 8. He would have folded if I just had given him a reason. I learned how he played though. Use it next time.

This gentleman in the one seat kept talking at me the whole time. I was in the 4 seat. He gave a play by play of every hand and acted like we knew each other. He was a jack ass. He exposed his hand (KK) while there were still two people in the hand. I know sir. Aces always come when you have kings. He then asked to see a losing hand that mucked. He was not even in the hand. That is when I knew he was a douche. Luckily he got the vibe from the table and soon left.

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