Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just one hand.

Played in my home game Monday night. Bought in for $70. Cashed out $310. Nice night. One of two big hands. Got into it with the two biggest donks at the game. Donk one was sitting nest to me on my left. Donk two was across the table in the big blind. I limp after two others with king jack of diamond in the cut off. Donk one raises on the button. He had been doing this a lot light. Donk number two calls and I call as we see the flop three ways. KQ3. Two spades. One diamond. Checks to donk one and makes a weak bet. Donk two flats and I push all in. 1 thinks and then calls. 2 thinks for a second and calls. Turn 9d. Meh. River 3c. I turn over my hand and it holds. Donk one had some kind of crappy flush draw. No where near the odds to call. Donk 2 had K8. Thanks you all.

We then decide to play Omaha for an orbit. Last week I got beat up pretty good in Omaha. I had AAQ5 double suited. Nice hand right? I make a pre flop raise to $5. It is a .25/.50 game. I get called in two spots. Fucking gamblers. Flop is JsTs3d. Carl bets. Biggest fucking gambler there. I raise my flush draw, gutty, pair of aces hand. All in. He thinks for a while and says he has two pair. Really? And you are going to call? He does. We ran it twice and I lost both times. I was %70 after the flop. I lose to J3.

Fast forward this week. They wanted to play Omaha again. I said I would but would complain. I limp with QQJT. Flop is Q34 rainbow. Hammer lock. I bet and donk one call. Ten on turn puts 2 clubs out there. I still have the nuts. I move all in to just take the pot. He calls. River T. I win. He had the nut flush draw again. It is a nice game.

Harrahs yesterday. Bust out of the tourney again. Guy made a sick call. I limp in the cut off with 3d5d. Small blind 3x raises. I call and we are heads up. Flop is J94 two diamonds. He makes a weak c bet. I read it right and move all in. He thinks for a while and calls. He had KQ. I guess the gutty put him over the edge. No diamonds and IGHN. He thought he was behind. He told me. I made the right read and move. I needed those chips for the super turbo that the Tuesday afternoon tourney at Harrahs is.

I sit down at a cash game. Only one regular there. They are all over at Ameristar chasing the Bad Beat. It is over 300k. There is over a million including the reserves. Anyway, this is the best table I have sat at in a while whilst at Harrahs. Passive. Easy to read. I double my stack in about half an hour. Should have left. But. There always is a but. The guy directly to my right in the 2 seat is throwing away money. I got into a hand with him early on. I had AK he had A9. Ace on the flop and he called me down. If I had known I would have moved all in . He would have called. Or better yet let him drive the action. That is how bad he was. I watched him drop over $1400 in three hours. The people that were there before me said he had dropped at least $600 more. I stayed. I donked off $150 trying to get in a hand with him. Never happened. Funny thing is he told me he moved out of my seat because he was losing so much money. Was not the seat sir.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Funny thing is he told me he moved out of my seat because he was losing so much money.

They can't conceive that it's their bad play, but that's good for you -- keeps them coming back.