Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Live games

Obviously. Online is on hiatus. Live it is if any, right? The feds did my bankroll or lack there of, a big ol favor. Suck it Lederer. But I digress.

Played live at the normal Monday game. Played super tight. Picked up AA and raised it $5. .25/.50 blinds. Get one caller. I sensed he almost folded but then saw the look in his eye like "I have position. If I don't hit I will just outplay him". Well that is what he tried to do. He "asked" for the flush on the river and when it got there I checked. He obliged with the bet that said I was stealing. I called and took down the hand. Ended up $90 on the night.

Emboldened by my success, I made plans to go to Harrah's with by buddy Slick. He is moving in three days, so this was our last hurrah. We get there in time to play the tourney and eat lunch. Our standard is the $5 last longer and we each buy %10 of each other. We unfortunately get the same table. Slick can't get any traction and is out early. I limp along and at the first break I am about even. 2K The blinds go crazy after the first break so you have to really start making moves. I am lucky though because I have the button to start. It gets folded around to the cut off plus one and he min raises. The cut off calls. I peak at my cards and see AA. All in and one caller and I have more than doubled up. Nice start. I limp to the final table with about 4K. I start making moves and chip up. Every one is so timid. The chip leader is a lady who had gotten AA five times in a little over an hour. It seemed like every time someone moved in, she had AA. Once she had TT vs AK. Ace on flop but the tens out flushed the ace. She was just sucking up chips. She never played unless she had a great hand. She could have just bullied us but she did not.

I hit some good hands and at this point it is push or fold poker. I start pushing it with anything decent if folded to me in position. I call a min raise with 66 on the button. Three players see a flop of 953 with two clubs. The check. Original raiser checks. I push. Fold Fold. The original raisers says he had 88 but just could not bet. That is the kind of table I was playing. He puts anything in the pot I go away. I steal and push my way up to second place which was still only half of the AA lady. The 88 suggests a even four way chop. I was torn. I knew I was the best player left. If the cards fell right I would win. But I was at a chip disadvantage and one unlucky or bad move and I get $140.00 for fourth. I was a little surprised when she agreed to an even chop. $295.00 a piece. Just a little under 2nd place money for all of us. We took the money and ran.

I owed Slick $25 for the percentage buy which was a nice little refund for him. After tip I was up about $210.

$300 in two days. Hey maybe I'll go pro. HA

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Memphis MOJO said...

I made plans to go to Harrah's with by buddy Slick. He is moving in three days, so this was our last hurrah.


Good recap, congrats ont he score.