Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hit and Run

I am playing poker as a part time job now. It used to be a fun diversion or hobby if you will. I really enjoy poker I used to play until my time to play had run out. This was mostly due to not knowing when I would be able to play next. It was all about maximizing the experience. Results were always secondary. Well not anymore. I can play whenever I want so results are now the driving factor. Went to Hollywood last night. Play a few rounds. Only played my blind hands. Half way through the third orbit I pick up AA in middle position. Two limp to me. I make my first raise of the night to $15. We are playing 1/3. Young gun on my left calls as do three others. So much respect. Flop is KdQh4s. Not my favorite flop five ways. Three checks to me. I decide not to c-bet this board with so many opponents. KQ or JT are definite possibilities. The young gun, who has position, makes it $45. One other flats. I consider pushing but decide to call and see. The turn is a 3c. Completes the rainbow and should help no one. Checks to the young guy who thinks then announces all in. The other guy tanks then folds. Something about the young guys demeanor and declaration made me believe I was ahead. I had him on AK in my mind. I called. River brought another 4. He flips KJs. I am now up $305. Hit. Do I run? I played longer and moved to the one seat. Played up and down for a while. Told a new dealer while folding a hand that I had not gotten AA in a couple hour. Very next hand I look down at AA in the small blind. Usually nice to take down a bigger pot uncontested But I was first to act due to the button straddle. I make it $16. Button calls. I cbet. He flashes 77 and folds Get AA again in middle position on straddled hand. Make it $21. Called in two spots from the button and small blind. Flop is 3h6hQc. Small blind makes it $30. He does this a lot if he catches any part of the board. I bump it to $90. The button goes into the tank. He almost folds. I see the small blind is ready to muck. Finally the button talks himself into pushing for $70 more. I call and he flips 7h8h. Love this guy. Same guy I flopped quad 9's on last week. I hold. Hit. Run? Naw. I stay. New dealer sits down. He wants to ghost ride my hand. I have 4c5c. I limp in the cutoff. We see a flop seven handed. Flop is Kd3c6d I got the gutter ball draw. It is cheked to me I make a $10 stab at it. One reluctant caller. Turn is the 9c. Thank you flush draw. I make a $20 stab. Faster call. River is the Tc. Got there. Value $20. Call. The table murmers at my hand. The dealer just smiles. I tell them I can't start with the nuts every time. Hit. Run? Hell yes. Three and a half hours and I am up $550. Good work if you can get it.