Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am getting better at being patient at the tables. I had a little hiccup last week. I was running so bad. Not bad just no cards. Boring. I lost two buy ins. Pushing my last $65 into what I knew to be a loss. I had AQ vs AT on a QTT flop. Knew I was beat but was so frustrated that I pushed. Should have folded and gone home with the $65 Played yesterday. Determined to be more patient. I am folding away. Down a few big blind. I get A8os in the big blind. Ep player makes it $10. Six callers. Hmmm. What do pot odds dictate here? I almost folded. Patience. Right? I called. Flopped top two with two diamonds. Ep player makes it $30. One caller. I push for $160 more. Ep calls. Other guy thinks then says I guess I make the worst call ever. No diamond, but the gunshot gets there. The other guy says I guess it wasn't the worst call ever. He hit the gutty. Love this guys play. Hated the outcome. How does a thinking player call $30 with a gunshot let alone go all in for it. He had exactly three outs. The diamond could not be counted. Anyhow he was short so I only lost $75. Two hands. later call small raise from the button with JTos. Flop is 789 two hearts. Ep guy from earlier bets $25. Same shorty guy from earlier flats. Pattern emerging. One other caller. I move in for my last $100. Ep calls. Shorty guy deliberates. Finally just calls. Other caller folds. Kc 4s. I win. Ep had flush draw again. Shorty had set of sevens. Raise KK from small blind. Make quads on the river. Play 34h for small raise. Flop comes A25 stack a guy. End up the session up a buy in Patience. Good. No patience= leaks. Fixing a hole right now

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Steve said...

Patience is something I have a hard time with as well. After awhile of sitting there I will get J10 and start to think I could play these. Sometimes sitting on my hands work as well.