Monday, October 22, 2012

Beat goes on

Played again today. Dropped a buy in.

. KK cracked by T5. I am continually amazed by how many people check call at Hollywood. I get kings on the button. Four limpets in. Make it $25. Get five callers. Great. Flop comes with two tens. Bets and calls in front of me. I invest $25 more to spike a king. Fold after whiffed turn

AK utg. Make it $15. Folds to big blind who decides to defend. He flops trips. I lose the minimum when a king hits the river and I call

. Did make quad jacks. Had JJ. I limp utg. Looking to get it in. I had about $90 Argo guy makes it $20. One caller. I push. One fold. gro finally calls. Jack on all club flop. Turned quads. He had KQ. Other guy would have flopped a flush. If I had only had more money. Might have made more

. Did not donk off the the rebuy. God I hope the cards or me gets better soon

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