Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Junk Punched at the Tables

I have been running incredibly bad lately. Mostly due to AA. The last five times I have had it, they have been cracked. KK cracked the last time I had it got taken by J3.

Saw that a 1/3 game had been going all night so I went to Hollywood. Sat down and promptly got AA. Bump it to $15 Two callers. Board is low cards kind of connected with two spades. Small blind bets $35 I bump it to $100. He calls we are heads up. The turn is a Js. He checks. I have the ace of spades. I move in. He calls. Flips K2s. I have $40 left. Next hand get 44. Move in. Called twice. Flop set and triple up. Play a while. Get KQh on the button Flop is Qd 5h Jh. Late position raises. I re raise. He moves in. I instant call for my stack that I had since built to $300. I should have probably slowed down and thought about it here. Loose call I think. What do you think. Fold here? Just call the initial bet? He had bottom set. River saves me with the flush and I am up a buy in. Should have bolted then, but the K3 guy was playing so loose and bad. The game was so good. I lose some pots. Flush vs full house. Down to $400. Waiting to pick up a hand. The K3 guy is in the six seat. The five seat had arrived and started running over the table hitting hands left and right. He had amassed his stack of $1200 in about thirty minutes. I finally get two black aces in early middle position. There is a raise ahead of me of $15. Sweet. I make it $65. Trying to isolate. The five and six seats both flat. The original raiser pushes all int. He had $101. Now here is where I am kicking myself. I would have liked to re raise but all I could do is complete the bet as per the rules of the game. BUT. I am almost sure the dealer had pulled in his original $15 bet meaning he doubled my raise by $1. I did not realize this later while driving home screaming like a mad man. Doing my best imitation of Old Man Parker working on his furnace. Let me know if you get the reference. Anyhoo I actually stopped the game to make sure I could not raise. The dealer said no, but I never double checked to see if she had dragged original bet in. I am learning. Flop comes 3d5c6c. I move in and the five seat calls. Six seat folds. Five seat says he has a ton of outs. Turn is the 7h. He flips over his cards to expose the 7c. River is the 9c. Straight flush. AA goes down in flames. Horse shoe firmly implanted up five seats ass. I am at my wits end. What are the odds of AA going down five times in a row. And it has been so dirty too. Vs 36os T3c 56c K3s. A lot of these guys are the first callers too. It is not like they were priced in. I think I am moving in pre flop next time just to book a win with them. I can accept set mining but come on, those hands? To compound the problem I lost with AA when I made a horrible fold. I put the guy on KK. The flop came 3K3. I checked and he bet. I folded the aces. In retrospect, no way he has KK here. He would slow play it. He confirmed the next day he has AK. He was just so tight. I could now see him calling my $35 bet on the straddled hand with anything less than a premium hand. Any advice for me. Should I take a break?

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