Thursday, September 27, 2012

4X 4

Went to Hollywood last night. Played well. Made good reads. Got AA twice. Got paid off both times. Got KK once. Got paid. Got QQ twice. Split once when the other guy also had QQ. Was paid on the other one. None of these pots were huge. Just nice stack building. Had JJ. Flopped quads. Won a $35 pot. The ace and the flush got there still no action. A buddy I had not seen in months showed up. I was going to leave up $350, but decided to stay and catch up. Mistake. Gave all of it back save $70. I was playing my last hand of the session. I look down at 99. I limp and we see a flop five handed. It came to Oh so tasty 99A. Blinds check. I check middle position player bets $15. We get heads up after I call The turn is a 3. Chech check. The river is the oh so awesome A. I sigh and announce all in. The other dude shrugs and calls saying "I guess we chop". I flipped up my second quads of the session. He just stares and says wow. Got back to where I was when I decided to stay. Racked up and left Wondering what the odds On flopping quads twice in six hours?

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