Friday, September 7, 2012


Played poker today. Sat down. Had AA twice in the first three hands. Again 5 hands later. First one got the blinds and a lumper. Second one I got cute and limped. Bailed on a heavy action eventually revealed flopped straight board. Third one I make it $15 after three limpets. It's a 1/3 game. Button calls and so do three others. Doh. Flop is the benign 862 rainbow. I cbet. The button min raises me. It's fold or shove. I shove. He flips ove 68os for flopped two pair. Really? The 2on the turn gives me the hand and he grumbles at me. Got to take the re-suck with the suck sir. Get my $165 up to $410. Then go cold. Finally quit with a $50 profit. Gott KK twice. Once chopped in the blind. Other small win Interesting thing about the two seat. I was in 3. The 2 seat saw KK flop trips three times and get beat each time. All by AQ. Three different players. It was like a carousel A player sits down. Flops trip kings. Gets beat on the turn. Leaves. Next

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