Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guess Who,s Back?

Played the Hollywood today. 2 1/2 hours. Up $185. Take that always One weird hand involving my neighbor and player at the other end of the table. Neighbor raises $15. Called in four places. The flop was the innocuous T53. Off suit. Neighbor bets $55. Two folds and other guy tanks. He finally move all in for $100 more. Neighbor immediately calls. Neighbor AAvs QT os. Turn is an ugly Ten. River 2. Neighbor loses. He walks away steaming. He comes back saying he played it wrong. Iaskedvhim how? He just kept saying he played wrong. I let it go. I wanted to tell him he got it in an %80 favorite. I wanted to tell him the other dude made a huge mistake. The reason we play poker. I wanted to tell him I make that play eight days a week up against 6 outers he got exactly what he wanted. I just shut up and smiled when he doubled me up with my flopped straight

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