Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playing again

I was pretty pissed off at my results last week. I was even more upset with my play. I played impulsively and way too loose. It was bugging me so much I went back today with my mantra going through my head, just be happy to see flops. Enjoy the game and play it correctly. Tighten up jack ass.

This was put to the test immediately. I sit down and I get dealt what would be my first of just two pocket pairs of the three hour session. It was TT. I am in early position under the gun and decide to limp. A loose player in middle position makes it $15. He is called once and then raised to $50 by the big blind. I put my mantra to the test and fold. The original raiser and the big blind get heads up. The flop is K44. The big blind bets $50. The other dude tanks. He then gives a speech about not being able to put the small blind on a king so he calls. The turn is a 2. The bb goes all in and dude instant calls with the flopped boat, kings full. The bb had JJ.

Exactly one orbit later I get AA under the gun. In the one orbit I had seen, there was not one limped pot, so I decided to limp raise. I immediately get my wish. The kings full player made it $12. He gets called twice. I am estimating my raise when the JJ guy from earlier wakes up and stacks out $35 and raises it. Woot Woot. I make it $100. Everybody else goes away. The small blind thinks then just calls. We both had about $185 to start. I don't know why he just did not push here because he ends up calling my all in bet on the ten high flop. My aces hold. He said he had queens. He would go on to stack off three more times with big pairs he could not fold. He was an older gentleman. I read on memphismojos blog recently that older dudes have a tendency to hang on to over pairs too long. Seems true here.

I then skate around a bit up and down. I get 67 suited on the button. There is a $9 raise in early position that is called in five spots before me. I call. We see the flop seven ways. The flop is 85A. I am open ended. Under the gun checks. The guy next to him makes it $25. There is another caller. I call knowing that if I hit my draw it will get paid. The small blind immediately announces raise. Oh well $25 gone. He then makes it $60 total. Under the gun moves all in for a total of $75 more. The original raiser flats. That is all he can do here. The all in bet dictated that. The other original $25 caller goes away. I now have the odds to draw so I put in $50 more. All the small blind can do is toss in $15. The turn is the Jack of hearts. Amazingly the small blind checks. The original raiser checks. I too check. The river is the 9 of hearts. This completes flush draw and a highly unlikely gut shot draw with the T7 or QT. Can't really put anybody on any of those based on how the hand played. I am pretty confident I have the winner. Both players check. I immediately put out $100. The small blind calls. He shows AK and I scoop a very nice pot. The all in guy had AK as well.

I flop a nut flush and chip up to $800. I play a little more and give back a hundy. I cash out for $700. Not a bad three hours. Only pairs I got were in the first orbit or so.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job.

that older dudes have a tendency to hang on to over pairs too long

The guy that wrote that admitted it was a stereotype, but stereotypes occur for a reason - there's truth to them.