Thursday, March 1, 2012

Played a bit

Went with Slick to Hollywood again today. I was about doubled up at one point. Then I lost some. Ended up $100 for the session. Including craps which we put $20 out there messing around while waiting for our table.

Only real poker hand I had was flopping the nut flush with KJd and getting called all the way down by a guy with AJ who made two pair on the river. Double up.

Oh and how could I forget? I limp in with 89d as I am wont to do. The small blind makes it $16. There are two callers before me and so I decide to take a flyer and call. I put him a big pair. He was pretty tight. We see a 9 high flop with one diamond. He throws out a smallish bet of $25. One caller to me and I call. I was thinking I need another 9 or 8 or possibly a diamond to continue with the hand. The turn is a oh so sweet 9h. Original raiser checks and the other caller checked. I stack out $70 and push it in. The original raiser starts bitching. "Really" and "you gotta be kidding mes" Left and right. He finally folds. The other caller lady thinks for a while and finally calls. Uh oh. Smells like full house to me. The river is the 5 of hearts. This completes a crappy straight and the flush. She checks. I check and say I only have a nine. She has AA and I scoop. The guy who was bitching should have thanked me. He had QQ. The AA lady would have busted him.

He kept complaining about my play. I don't mind. I love ABC poker players. They have never expanded their game. 89 suited is a great hand to see a flop with against an over pair.


lightning36 said...

Losing to 9-8sooted I can see. It is losing to stuff like J-3os that chaps me. lol

Memphis MOJO said...

I played a pot in a tournament today where I played 10-9 (both hearts) and tripled up from two hands: A-Q and K-K. Ya gotta love it.