Friday, March 2, 2012

Back again

Played a short session this morning. I had a few hours to kill and wanted to play cards. So off to Hollywood I went. I called ahead to put my name on the list. I still was faced with a wait when I arrived. I gave them my number for a text and wandered off through the casino to really explore it. I had never seen the entire half opposite the poker room. They even have a bar that overlooks turn 2 at Kansas Speedway. Pretty cool.

I became restless so I found the only open black jack table. I sat down and waited for the shoe to end. This ten dollar table combines black jack with three card poker. For a separate five dollar bet you can play three card poker as well. Three of a kind, straights, flushes and straight flushes all paid 9-1. I pushed my first hand and lost my 3 card hand. Second hand I hit my 3 card hand and won my black jack hand. I never looked back. The guy to my left started taking my action. I started taking his. I hit a 3 card hand for $10. $90 pay out. He hit three hands in a row that I was playing with him. That shoe made me almost $200. Nice to have your buy in for poker before you sit down. I lost down to $150 when my seat opened. Fun start

I got my seat. The one seat. I am beginning to really enjoy the one and ten seats. Easy to see the cards and almost all the players. Well, my heater continues. Second hand I get AA. Win smallish pot. Next hand JJ. Take down the blinds. Fifth hand AK get called two places. Queen high flop and I c-bet and take it down. I see a flop with J9 on the button. Flop two pair and bet into six other players when checked to me. Only the big blind calls. Turn is a K. Sort of scary with the oesd getting there. I bet again and get smooth called. River is a beautiful 9h. Checked to me and I bet nearly all the other players stack. $50. He calls instantly. He just had a K. I like this guy. He goes and reloads.

A few hands later I get AA again. The table had been raising a bunch and I was under the gun, so I limped. The King guy picks up chips and makes it $25. Love it. Come on callers. Come on callers. No callers. I look at his stack. He has about $80 left. I decide to just push. I know he has a big pair, probably kings. If he had more I would have bet different, but he was already steaming from earlier and he was never gonna fold here with that stack. He instant calls me. I flip over AA and he groans showing his KK. The guy next to him says he folded a king. Nice. He does not improve and I have more than doubled my buy in.

I get 55 in the big blind and it is checked pre flop. I am heads up with an early limper. Check a KJ3 board. Turn is a 5. Bingo. I am running well. I check. He checks. River is the Td. This puts the royal flush draw out there. I just check. He bets 55 I just call. He had two pair. Damn missed a bet.

I played till the big blind than left. Less than an hour and I had made $217. Coupled with my black jack winnings I was up $367 for a little over an hours work. Nice.

Just in case, I bought a Powerball ticket at the store today.

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lightning36 said...

Dang -- talk about ruunning goot. lol

Now if you can only run that well the next time, huh?