Friday, March 9, 2012

The Horror

Lost two buy ins yesterday. The biggest problem was me. I was impatient and stubborn. I stacked off my first by in with two pair when I was pretty sure the oesd had got there.

I bought again and started to splash. Not go. Got down to my last $50 and finally get my third and only big pair of the six hour session. Two red kinds. I say boom and go all in from middle position. The button had straddled and there were two callers. The button tanks and finally decides to call. It gets heads up on the flop and he says you have me crushed. I love it when players say this. Then why fucking call. Is that not poor poker?

Anyhoo. The door card is the king of clubs. Really nice start. Then the wheels fell off. Qc Tc to complete the flop. I knew I was behind immediately. Sometimes you just know. Thee board did mot pair. The button sheepishly revealed Ac5c for the flopped flush. I told him it was not the worst call I had ever seen. Remember I had AA cracked by 29os on a $40 pre flop call. It happened again another session ago. I had QQ in the small blind. The button straddled. I bet $30. Folds to the button who smooth calls. The flop is 332. Long story short I stack off to 3h7h. This is how I am running.

I blame Howard Lederer.

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