Sunday, April 14, 2013

Donk poker

Played at Hollywood the other day. A player I have seen playing in the 2/5 game sat down two to my left. I had never played with him. We were playing 1/3. He immediately makes it $10 on his first hand. This proved to be his normal play. Lots of small raises. He min raised his button every time it was limped to him. I had been watching him and he always telegraphed his raises by having the bet ready in his hand over his cards. Oh and he only bought in for $100. He busted out in about fifteen minutes

He re buys. $100. Few hands later I get KK. It is the dudes big blind. Three people limp ahead of me. My normal play like most it to raise. But. I glance at the dude and sure enough he has his min raise ready. So I limp. Fold to him and he min raises. Small blind folds. Big blind comes along All the limpets come. I announce raise. I make it $75. I will be happy to get the $30. The donk barely thinks and moves in for $94. We are heads up. Qc 9s 3s. Great no ace and I have the Ks. Have not seen his cards. It comes running clubs. The donk says he got there. Any ideas as to what he had? AcJc. Nice guess. Ac2c. Nope. Kc8c. Yep. Called off $100 with that rag.

I am not exaggerating. Of the last fourteen times I have gotten my money in as a %90 favorite, I have lost nine times. I am still up. I should be crushing it.

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