Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I played three sessions of poker this week. I am up around $75 for my efforts. I should be up more. I have had KK four flushed by QQ. AKs flop the nut flush only to be boated out on by a flopped set. 44 flop a set and ATd call off his stack on a draw and hit the flush.

I was %73 to win or better when the money got all in on all the hands. Two of the three hold and I am having a good week. All three hold and I am up a cool grand. All in all I am happy. I am up after weathering the storm.

I am playing well. Making moves when I feel they will work. For instance. I have 8h9h in early position. I limp. Three calls to the button who makes it $20. Two callers so I decide to take a flyer. Five of us see the flop KK3 two hearts. Checks to button who makes it $40. Folds to me. I move in with my draw while representing the king. The button instant folds If he had AK so be it. I had the flush outs to save me. I was certain it would work though based upon my read

This is a play I would not make six months ago. I am learning how to put more pressure on my opponents. It is fun to explore this part of my game

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Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you are playing well - the variance will take care of itself.