Friday, June 21, 2013


I played two draws big recently. The first hand I saw a raised pot $12 six ways. I had 89d. The flop comes Td 6d 3h. I have a gut shot straight flush draw. The big blind bets out $25. He was not the original raiser. The original raiser was in the CO Another guy calls. It's down to me and the original raiser to act. I decide to play it big and move in. There is $120 in the pot. I push for $280. Folds around to the big blind and he basically instant calls. He had T6os. He hold up nd I bust. I made the move here because I had been playing with the big blind for a while. He did the same thing with JT earlier when he had only top pair after calling a raise pre flop I think he folds here if he only had a pair. Did I play it right?

Second had

I have Q4hh in the big blind. Middle position player makes it $12 to go. It is called in three spots. I decide to come along. The flop is Ah 4c Th Small blind checks I check. The original raiser makes his standard c-bet of $25. Folds to small blind who moves in for $70 total. Now the small blind was the subject of my previous post. He got all in pre flop with K8cc vs my KK. But I digress. Point is he can have anything here. I do not really care He doesn't have enough money to really matter. The original raiser talks it out. Says one of us has a draw and one has a set. He hems then decides to call. Turn is Js. He immediately bets $100. I had already decided to shove the turn either way. I go through with it for. $240 morevnand he instant calls. He flips over Ad Jh. The river is the 3h. The small blind flips over AsQc. I scoop the pot. The original raiser starts berating me in a nice enough way. Not with venom more like the older gentleman he was imparting knowledge to a younger man. The small blind looked at me and quietly said the older man did not even know he was in third place on the flop. Did I play it correctly?


The Poker Meister said...

Hand 1: Don't go broke on a limp pot. I disagree with pushing the flop like that even with a monster draw. You take it down a lot but is the overbet shove really worth it on a limp pot like that? You're drawing 9+4 outs generally; sets and two pairs are really the only hands that can call. Do you really want to be less than flipping for $280? I think there's better spots to get it in.

Hand 2: You have a guy all in, and you're facing a $100 bet where the guy has indicated that he's clearly not folding. Your shove is for fold equity which is like 0%. Don't like the turn shove. Readjust your strategy on the turn to shove all turns and realize that a $100 bet is never folding a ship. Plus, it's likely your AI villain already has a better hand than you. You want $100 bettor to pay you off on the riv. I'd likely fold to the bet though.

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